Margaux Murphy
Project Manager

I’ve called Cleveland home for most of my life with a handful of years spent living in the Los Angeles area mixed in. I love to travel and experience other ways of living, especially abroad. Through my travels I’ve enjoyed beautiful scenery, delicious foods, lovely people, and cultural awareness. I always find that when I return to Cleveland, I have a greater appreciation for my hometown.

I love Cleveland’s beautiful beaches, waterfront access to enjoy kayaking, boating, paddle board, sailing, rowing and surfing – yes surfing!- and very manageable traffic allowing quick trips to connect to everything around the region. I love to attend festivals celebrating the different types of music, food, dance, and heritage. Be sure to attend One World Day in Rockefeller Park to get a feel for the mix of ethnic communities in the region, or check out Cleveland’s largest concentration of historic churches in the country, with 26 churches in one square mile. Even better than the beauty and resources of the city are the people who call Cleveland home. I believe Clevelanders to be some of the kindest and most considerate people I have met anywhere. How lucky!

With my love for flowers and plants, I enjoyed floral design in a flower shop I owned and operated in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood. I’ve been involved with the Irish community through Irish dance and Irish theater. I have three school-aged daughters and currently call Cleveland Heights home.

Cleveland is cosmopolitan, Cleveland is rich with history, Cleveland is hardworking, Cleveland is dedicated, Cleveland is charming, Cleveland is welcoming, Cleveland is proud, Cleveland is supportive, Cleveland is where I love to live.