Secure and Retain Your First Choice Candidate

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EA strengthens and complements your organization’s recruitment process

  • Recruiting top talent and onboarding new hires is a time consuming and expensive process. The right job offer is just one piece of the puzzle. Candidates overwhelmingly tell us that a city’s quality of life is equal to the job offer when considering a relocation.
  • Working with the EA Team levels the playing field when there are competitive offers on the table. We reduce the cost of recruitment by dramatically improving the chance of landing and retaining first-choice candidates.

Your candidates and new hires will receive unparalleled relocation services and support

  • Each service provided by EA is completely customized to the lifestyle, needs, and interests of each candidate and new hire. All experiences with EA are exceptional, and no two are alike.
  • We are experts on every urban neighborhood and suburb in our region. We listen carefully to each candidate or new hire so that we highlight the communities and resources that best match their criteria for a happy hometown.
Wineries in Northeast Ohio
Ice cream in Cleveland

EA’s services are impactful for new hires and ensure greater retention of top talent 

  • We support more than 100 individuals and families each year as they consider a job offer or begin a new job requiring relocation to Greater Cleveland/Akron.
  • Our objective is to ensure that each candidate and new hire is educated, connected, and can clearly see how great their life will be in our region.