EA’s 40 Years and 40 Favorite Places! 8th Stop…Public Square

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Events & Festivals, Family Friendly Stuff, Featured Bloggers, Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation

This year, Executive Arrangements celebrates its 40th Anniversary! That is 40 years of working and connecting with great Northeast Ohio companies, recruits, new hires, and families!

As part of our celebration, EA Guide Christy Bittenbender is sharing one of her favorite spots in Northeast Ohio…Public Square in Downtown Cleveland! In her own words, Christy gives a little bit of this space’s history and describes why it is one of our regions best gathering spaces.

One of my favorite places in Cleveland is Public Square. I love imagining its history: the days when cows grazed there in the 18th century, as the Terminal Tower went up in the 1920s, to today when one of its original purposes returns – a place where the community gathers. This most recent transformation was completed in 2016.

The 9 ½ acres that surveyor Moses Cleaveland plotted out in 1796 was modeled after New England town squares of the time.

Activities today are endless. Festivals, art installations, concerts, food truck Tuesdays, Splash Pad water feature with programming for kids and families all summer, ice skating, even political and issue-oriented demonstrations.

I have witnessed families lining up to skate in December and people relaxing on the grassy knolls in June. One summer Sunday, four of us bicycled from Cleveland Heights down Euclid Avenue to Public Square where groups were enjoying the Splash Pad and dining at the nearby café.

These days Public Square connects much more effectively the various parts of the heart of downtown. I think Moses Cleaveland would approve of today’s rendition!

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