Now that face masks are mandatory in seven counties including Cuyahoga, we all seem to be seeking spacious outdoor spots to enjoy the summer weather. Are you looking for a place where social distancing is less of a challenge and where you might be able to leave your mask in your pocket for a bit?  Do have a house filled with bored kids whose camps, sports and pools are all off limits?  Or, are kids home from college whose jobs and internships are happening virtually, if at all? We’ve got an idea for you on where to enjoy fresh air while respecting Governor DeWine’s mandate.
With almost 300 acres to explore, EA’s own Brad Withers suggests Lakeview Cemetery.  While all their historic buildings are currently closed to visitors, you can download a map from their website and plan your own walking or driving tour.
This beautiful oasis on the border of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland is equal parts history, art, architecture, an arboretum and a working cemetery. Don’t forget the family dog, who has become attached to you since you’ve been home since March. Your four legged admirer is welcome on a leash.
Now that you are here, time for discoveries and history lessons! Create an I Spy game in the different sections of the cemetery. Locate Rockefeller’s soaring family obelisk, and bring a dime or two to leave at his grave site hearkening back to John D’s habit of giving dimes to kids. Leave a pen to join the dozens of others at the base of Harvey Pekar’s gravestone, creator of American Splendor comic books.
Can you find the beautiful monument for Henry Sherwin founder of Sherwin-Williams? Say thank you to Henry for us! In staring at our own four walls this past spring and early summer we’ve found covering them with a new coat of SW’s paint helps brighten our homes and moods.
Take a walk around the towering James A. Garfield Monument. With a Presidential election in November this stop is sure to be a good teaching moment. BTW, are you registered to vote? And, now that we’re tackling important questions, have you filled out your 2020 Census?
Beyond our suggestions here, find your own famous Clevelanders in the cemetery. Spot a name and google it, you’re sure to discover an important figure in our city’s past.
Enjoy taking photos, how about making a list-to-find for a picture scavenger hunt? Using your mobile device snap pictures of different kinds of art including important symbolism, sculpture or the head stone with the oldest date. There is so much beautiful art, it’s like walking thru an outdoor sculpture and architecture museum.

Now turn your gaze upwards and downwards at the trees and plantings. Download a tree/flower app or use Lakeview’s list and find as many types as you can as you stroll down the shaded pathways. And, be sure to take pictures of the flora and fauna, how about a black squirrel? Selfies, done well or not so well, yes you know who you are, in front of your favorites will be accepted.

Share your photos on EA’s Facebook page, as an inspiration to each other as you discover this wide open space. We hope the unfamiliar will become familiar and possibly a new favorite.