When you ask your customers for “honest” feedback…

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Recruitment & Relocation

Like many companies, we welcome input from our customers and ask each to fill out a ten question survey after their EA experience and Survey Monkey makes this easy!

The candidates we work with are considering a relocation to Greater Cleveland/Akron. They have either just accepted or are considering a job offer here. Executive Arrangements steps in to make sure they understand the quality of life including the many options for schools, neighborhoods, hobbies, volunteering, and more.

First they experience our online tools (customized interactive map and a portal that connects them to everything you would want to know about living in the Greater CLE/AK area), then most of our candidates also spend a day or two exploring the region, guided by two EA colleagues. Within a week of that outing, we ask them ‘how’d we do?”.
Our favorite answers come from this question #3
Q. When you realized that the the job would require a move to Cleveland/Akron, be honest, what were the FIRST words that popped into your head?
These are replies from just the last few months:

  • “Middle of nowhere”
  • “I’m not moving to Cleveland” (but they did, thanks to us)
  • “Lake effect snow”
  • “What will it be like to live in the USA?”
  • “I had a bad perceived opinion of the Cleveland area”
  • “I hope I don’t really have to go.”
  • “We were not sure Cleveland would offer us what we want/need socially, professionally and economically”
  • “Unfamiliar, cold, lots of snow”
  • “Not sure where we can buy a home or be at home”
  • “Is it nice?”
  • “Cold but more lively than Pittsburgh”
  • “New city, new life”
  • “Ugh, the weather”
  • “Excited to visit and see what’s it’s all about””
  • “Unlikely to happen”
  • “Wasn’t sure I would like to live in the Cleveland area”
  • “Not Cleveland!”
  • “snow”
  • “It’s no Boston”
  • “Mistake on the lake”

What their answers tell us is: 

  1. Very few candidates we work with have ever stepped foot in Cleveland before they arrive for their EA exploration; we are just not on the beaten path, even for those who have relocated half a dozen times and travel a lot.
  2. The overwheling majority of the answers asking for their impressions of Cleveland/Akron are negative. We have a long way to go to convince the world our city is amazing and we know that.
  3. We will be in business a long time. Our city needs us to woo, overcome negative and outdated perceptions, and connect candidates to the people, places and resources they need to feel educated and excited about the idea of a move to our town. This makes us happy.
  4. When we say be honest, they give it to us straight and we love it!

And if you don’t think there are going to be a LOT of freelance candidates in the marketplace soon, The Great Resignation is trending in all social media, so ethere will be lots of opportunity to pick up great talent ready, or something different. Let us help your organization be that someplace different!
Executive Arrangements partners with Greater Cleveland/Akron companies, hospitals, universities and nonprofits to educate, acclimate and connect their out-of-town candidates/new hires and their families to the people, places and resources they need in order to say yes to a job and to quickly find their happy place in our town. When it seems like all the power is shifting to the employee in the recruiting world right now, EA is the critical tool in your tool box to help the job and the city stand out and above the crowded competitive field of talent attraction and retention. Call us at 216.231.9311 for more info or send an email to [email protected]