Sarah Guyuron has a unique role at Executive Arrangements with the title of Creative Services and Special Projects. Her breadth of work includes writing and document design, data analysis and planning, content creation and maintenance, to name a few. We asked Sarah some questions to highlight her journey to Cleveland, her work with EA, and how her family of five enjoys our region.

Q. How did you find your way to Cleveland?

I was born and raised in Dothan, AL near the Gulf Coast. I thought I was Boston-bound after high school. However, I applied to only one Southern school – one warm and sunny school as I wasn’t sure I could handle Northeast temperatures. At the last minute, Tulane University was my final choice! I guess I wasn’t quite ready for snow.

Tulane was a wonderful experience! My friends and academic community were from all over the country. I met my husband Grant sophomore year. He was a Clevelander! He talked about Cleveland…a lot. We visited…often. I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall.

After receiving my BA in Theatre Design and Production, he followed me to NYC where I worked in interior design for J.D. Bell and then Peter Marino. I followed him to Columbus, OH, where he received his MBA from The Ohio State University. He 100% chose that program to slowly move me to Cleveland.

Upon his graduation, we married, Grant accepted a job in Cleveland at Clearstead, we first lived in University Heights, migrated to Chagrin Falls, began our family, and here we are…I’ve been a Clevelander for 13 years!

Q.And then how did you find your way to EA?

I think most new Clevelanders will agree that Cleveland is a connected place full of helpful people. It is also a great spot if you work in theatre as it has a vibrant theatre scene and is home to the second largest theatre district outside of NYC! I quickly found a job as the Assistant to the Artistic and Managing Directors of Cleveland Play House, America’s first regional theatre. I was very excited to be putting my degree to good use.

My boss, Michael Bloom, was friends with EA’s President, Margy Judd, and knew Margy was looking for someone to help with presentation writing and design. Michael thought I would enjoy working with Margy…he was incredibly correct! I began working with her and her team in 2012, and the rest is history.

My role has morphed from freelance writing and design to social media content creation to my current role in Creative Services and Special Projects. I have welcomed three children since I first began working with EA. My life circumstances changed time and time again, and we have always found a way to make it work so that I can enjoy my work with EA while placing my family first.

Q. Your role at EA is unique as whenever the leadership team has a “special project” it ends up in your lap. What appeals to you about the “never do the same thing twice” role you have at EA?

When people ask what can you do with a BA in Theatre, the answer is absolutely everything! My degree set me up to be a competent writer, designer, speaker, strategic planner, project manager, and more. I’m very drawn to planning and problem solving, both are at the heart of my education, job history, and work as a mother of three! I am so fortunate that my role at EA has given me opportunity to do all of the above.

Even though I never do the same thing twice, each project is connected and guided by EA’s strong foundation. With each assignment, I strive to include or communicate the amazing EA team’s warmth, expertise, devotion to Greater Cleveland/Akron, and sincere desire to help people and families as they navigate a very big decision.

Q. You have quite a few jobs, including being a mom to three children. How do you juggle the many hats your wear?

Picture a lot of spinning plates on sticks with faint circus music in the background! I have a constant task system maintained in Outlook so that nothing ever is forgotten. A task might be pushed back and reimagined a few times, but it is never forgotten! Each week I then use an Ink and Volt weekly dashboard to highlight the tasks that require attention for each category in my life.

Even though my children are in school most days, I still somehow require a lot of assistance to keep those plates spinning. One of the things that brought us to Cleveland was proximity to my husband’s family, and then my mother moved here a few years ago. Between Grant’s family, my mother, and the many friends we have met along the way, we dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and get from A to B!

Q. You are constant explorer, and your kids are the beneficiaries! What have you done recently that other parents of young children might enjoy trying this summer?

Embracing the community where you live, understanding its highlights and issues, taking advantage of all that it offers, and giving back is so important. Our kids are nine, seven, and three. We encourage them to explore and ask questions. Here are some of our favorite places that are great in summer, rain or shine!

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Old Brooklyn-Cleveland
The outdoor portions of the zoo are fabulous, but my kids just adore the RainForest. A zoo membership makes a lot of sense if you go as often as we do!

Lakewood Park, Lakewood
This 31-acre lakefront park has it all! We make a day out of the 30-minute drive from East to West. The kids love the Kids Cove playground area and walking along the Lakefront Promenade and Solstice Steps. There are plenty of picnic tables so pack a lunch!

West Side Market, Ohio City-Cleveland
After Lakewood Park, we typically head to the West Side Market to pick up some fresh foods to take home and cook for dinner. Cleveland’s oldest public market has 100 vendors offering meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, dairy, flowers, ready-to-eat foods, spices, and nuts.

Akron Zoo, Akron
Don’t forget Akron! My kids love our neighbor to the South. This zoo has both indoor and outdoor attractions and a manageable footprint for little kids.

Cleveland Botanical Gardens, University Circle-Cleveland
My children can spend hours in the Hershey Children’s Garden! It’s a magical place. Just don’t forget swimsuits or changes of clothes.

AsiaTown, Cleveland
After a few hours at the Botanical Gardens, we like to swing by AsiaTown for lunch! We are partial to Superior Pho, but there are so many amazing choices! Mango Mango is great for dessert.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, North Coast Harbor-Cleveland
Best for the older kids but totally worth the trip. Walk around the North Coast Harbor, enjoy the Rock Hall, and grab a bite at Nuevo on the water.

Whitesburg Nature Preserve, Chagrin Falls
Greater Cleveland/Akron has the best parks maintained by various park systems. Whitesburg is one of our favorite places to go creek walking. It is very manageable even for the littlest ones.

Memphis Kiddie Park, Brooklyn
This is the best place on earth if you are a child under 50″ tall. Only open during the warm months, this amusement park has been open since 1952. I still have two kids under the height limit so we will take advantage while we can!

Recruiting talent from outside of the Greater Cleveland area is very different than offering the job to a local. The significant other and children often have a very big say in whether a relocation happens or not. Executive Arrangements is the secret weapon to insuring that the whole family is not only eager to come (we know how to woo even the most reluctant family members) but is warmly welcomed and acclimated once they arrive. Each of our staff members is as engaged in the city, as Sarah is, so it only makes sense that you partner with EA when you are filling your next position and all your top candidates live elsewhere! Call us at 216.231.9311 for more info.