Spring sprung and summer is already here in Northeast Ohio!

by | May 25, 2018 | Dining, Nightlife, Shopping, Events & Festivals, Family Friendly Stuff, NE Ohio in the News

Spring is an exciting time in Northeast Ohio…the flowers, the festivals, the allergies!!
Allergies: Remember when your dad would sneeze 100 times and blame “hay fever?” Our understanding of allergies has come a long way since those days; and, with the long cold winter behind us, allergy season is here! Everything is blooming like crazy. With rain spreading tree and flower pollen, you might be miserable for the next few weeks. Check out the Weather Center’s allergy tracker to see what your allergy forecast is.

North Union Farmers Market in Shaker Square.

Bird Migrations: If you moved to NE Ohio from south of the Mason-Dixon line, your birds might not have migrated during the winter; but, here they definitely do and are returning in full force. The Cleveland Metroparks has a great list of the birds in NE Ohio and when they typically return. And, the local chapter of the Audubon Society does lots of bird walks in spring. You can visit these great sites anytime to enjoy the birds with your binoculars.
Farmers Markets: Are you looking for fresh, local foods? You’re in luck! NE Ohio has farmers markets near almost every neighborhood. Here is a list of the big ones.
Festivals: The sun is shining so let the parties begin. Spring kicks off an amazing festival season in our region. We encourage you to check out the many festivals in NE Ohio!
Flowers: Planting season has arrived. Many of you have already put flowers in the ground and in pots. NE Ohio is in Zone 6, and, sometimes, a surprise late spring frost can even occur at the end of May. Those who live in the suburbs are generally safe, while those who live closer to Lake Erie tend to wait to plant until almost Memorial Day weekend (you don’t want to have $500 worth of annuals die because we had a cold night!).

Planting Season in Chagrin Falls.

Orange Barrel Season: Argh, construction is everywhere. On the plus side, we need all those potholes fixed. On the down side, you often have to add 10-15 minutes to your commute to work if you’re on one of the impacted routes. You might want to check out this list of Ohio Department of Transportation projects on the books for 2018. Some of the projects with the largest reach in our opinion are:

  • West Shoreway (AKA Rt. 2): The reduction of lanes on this popular east/west route from downtown to Lakewood and Rocky River will make the Main Avenue Bridge a challenge this summer. We strongly encourage biking to Edgewater Live for the concerts on the beach this year!
  • I-77: Sorry to all who live in the southern suburbs (Brecksville, Broadview Heights, etc.)! This freeway will be challenging this year. Not only are they replacing the bridge over I-490 close to the city, but they are also widening lanes south of I-480.
  • I-480: The Valley View Bridge that spans the Cuyahoga Valley is undergoing a transformation with crews expected to work on this project through 2024! They are building a new bridge between the existing two bridges, and then replacing the bridge decking on the existing bridges.

Patio Season: Let’s face it, when you can only sit outside to enjoy a meal about half of the year, you love doing it! Here is a great guide to the best of the restaurant and bar patios in the Cleveland area as they will all begin filling up Memorial Day weekend!

GeorgeTown Patio in Lakewood.

Summer Concerts: So many of our communities offer free concert series geared towards a variety of ages. Here is a list by county.
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