Book It to Rocky River Public Library

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Family Friendly Stuff

I can’t imagine too much time going by without a visit to a library. We’re very lucky here in Northeast Ohio because we have access to many library systems such as the Cleveland Public Library system, Cuyahoga County Public Library system, and other local libraries. For Executive Arrangements’ 40th anniversary, we’re touring Cleveland to talk about our favorite spots. One of my favorite places is my local library.

Agata Niemojewska, Project Manager and Guide

I live on the west side of Cleveland in a small suburb called Rocky River. Rocky River has its own public library, which is a place that locals love. It celebrated its 90th anniversary last year and is a true gathering spot in this lakefront community. My relationship with this particular library began when I moved to Ohio from the UK.
Over the years, I’ve gone to the library for different reasons. I attended Baby & Me classes with my children. When they were older, I brought them to all kinds of fun, educational classes and events. We still go there on a regular basis.
I love the selection of books that this library provides and also the fact that it is now connected to the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) system. This means the book selection is even broader; CPL is well known for its amazing foreign language collection, which is now available to me through my local branch.
The Rocky River Public Library feels very special to me. I would compare it to someone’s grand home: big chandeliers, numerous reading nooks, comfy sofas, artwork on the walls, and carpeted stairs leading to its many floors. I especially enjoy the children’s area upstairs that is very cozy and inviting. No wonder kids love coming to this library to select books that are beautifully displayed, talk to friendly librarians, participate in fun activities, or even just hang out.
This library should definitely be of interest to art lovers. Historic and contemporary works of art are on display throughout the building. The library also houses the Cowan Pottery Museum, the only museum dedicated to one of the nation’s leading pottery studios – Cowan Pottery Studios. The museum features R. Guy Cowan’s work along with other artists from the studio. One of the highlights of its collection is the famous punch bowl by Viktor Schreckengost known as the Jazz Bowl.
I hope to see you one day at my local library! Don’t forget your library card.

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