Residential Buildings Continue to Rise in CLE

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Development News, Neighborhoods & Housing, Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation

Maybe it’s because I’m missing the annual home and garden tours at which I grabbed tickets for every summer and fall. Houses and yards which half inspired and half intimidated me as I walked thru impeccably organized spaces, with beautiful flowers and decorated rooms (albeit with lots of professional help which I keep reminding myself!). Or, maybe it’s because we’ve all gotten a little stir crazy with not much to do the past six months (thanks a lot COVID-19)! So, when I received invitations to take a tour of two of Cleveland’s newest residential buildings, I jumped at the chance to walk thru The Lumen downtown and Church+State in Ohio City.
Both of these apartments are brand new construction changing the skyline of their neighborhoods. Appealing to different demographics they won’t cannibalize each other, which is great news as it’s a challenging time to try and fill a new building with residents.
Full disclosure, I’m a board member of Playhouse Square so I’ve watched closely as The Lumen’s 35 stories rose out of the ground at the corner of Euclid and E. 17th which used to be a surface parking lot. Anyone else think it’s ironic that in the 1980’s the theaters were just days away from being razed for surface parking lots themselves (thank you founding board members and The Junior League for your foresight and generosity)? We’ve come full circle with Playhouse Square replacing a surface parking lot with a beautiful new building!

Lumen’s pool deck on 5th floor (heated pool, private cabanas)

This sophisticated building has many details inspired by the architecture and drama in the theaters like these cool ceiling fixtures

Elegant details are everywhere…
You can pamper your pet in the grooming spa and challenge yourself in the state-of-the-art fitness center. There are 318 apartments with over 80 leased already. With about 1/4 with balconies, guessing those will be first to go, rents range from $1.500-$7,300/month.
Check out the view looking west down Euclid Avenue

your view: theater marquees, historic buildings, GE chandelier

I can see how this building will attract a sophisticated crowd, who value privacy, luxury and the convenience of being steps away from the theater district. It’s Cleveland’s version of the upper east side of Manhattan. And isn’t it fitting that the light pole signage all over the theater district seems to honor Art Falco who retired in 2019?

Just a conicidence or is this a pat on the back to Art Falco?

Ohio City’s Hingetown Skyline Changes Again

Church + State, in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood has a personality and look just like it’s developers Graham  Veysey and his wife/partner Marika Shiori-Clark. Unique, cool, funky, hip, cutting edge, fun! They are the kind of people you want at your dinner party because you know the conversation will be interesting and memorable and never ho-hum. This describes the look and feel of Church+State as well.
Church+State is actually two separate buildings. The six-story Church and the eleven-story State (original names of the two streets that intersect at the site). State has more of the amenities for the residents of the complex so there will be lots of movement between the buildings.

Peg Furnas and Margy Judd being kids again

The outdoor space between the two buildings is a beautifully designed mini-park, complete with a splash pool, see-saw, tiered seating perfect for listening to live music or enjoying a picnic lunch. A rock climbing wall is being designed by Chick Holtkamp, a climber for decades who created Climb Cleveland rock gym in his Tremont neighborhood expanding the sport to Hingetown. This is not a gated park exclusive to the residents, rather the openness invites those passing by to join in.
A total of 158 units ranging from $1200-$3800/month with so much personality and fun that when you walk inside you just have to smile. Every floor is different and the elevators are lined with faux leather and hung with sconces! The community “living room” in Church pairs West Elm and authentic mid-century modern furnishings. In both buildings you’ll find original artwork with a plaque beside sharing artist name/info, interiors painted with Sherwin Williams colors and kitchens feature top of the line Moen faucets giving nods to and love for our local Cleveland companies.
So nice to have access to a Japanese soaking pool you don’t have to maintain, right?
What a cool view from the outdoor deck!

EA’s Margie Biggar, Peg Furnas & Margy Judd loving the view

And the fun on our tour continued! Graham also happens to be the owner of ManCan Wine and was eager to share a happy hour with us from the stocked fridge in the model suite.

Like Lumen, Church+State is pet friendly, and there is indoor parking available. With a new build, everyone in the building is “new”, think instant friends!
Of course both projects were imagined and the ceremonial shovel digs happened long before COVID-19 was a thing. We believe that the common spaces that augment places to hang out, the outdoor large decks and the functional windows that open for fresh air are bonus selling points for those thinking of renting downtown or in Ohio City.
EA is happy to have two more beautiful options to share with newcomers relocating to Cleveland.
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