Record Low Unemployment Makes Hiring Tough

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Recruitment & Relocation

Exactly how tight is the job market? Has the power of negotiation moved entirely into the candidate’s realm? Do companies have to resort to poaching passive talent to keep their business growing? Are these your concerns?

We’ve all heard the statistics. By the early 2020s, demand for employees will far exceed available talent. Aging boomers are retiring in full force. And, the talent on the bench behind them is much smaller in size. Couple the supply and demand issue with a low unemployment rate, and we are look at challenging work for those in talent attraction and recruiting.

There are handful of towns in the US that boast an independent destination services firm that can help mitigate this problem. In the Cleveland/Akron market, Executive Arrangements provides those critical services needed to combat potential hiring issues. While companies here may feel the pinch of this tight labor market, they have a huge competitive advantage in having EA in their backyard. EA is a hyper-local destination services provider that has mile deep connections and resources for out-of-town job candidates to help them see the NE Ohio that matches their lifestyle. We help them fall in love with our town.

And the EA staffers creating these customized experiences for candidates and new hires are not contract employees who are 1099’s. Everyone is a W-2 employee trained by us and nurtured by us to help woo and on-board your company’s newcomers to NE Ohio. Most of our clients also partner with a global relocation company, but they then turn to us for the deep dive locally. EA is a 39 year-old local firm that works with more than 150 families/individuals each year. We welcome, woo, introduce, acclimate and connect them with our region. We are all about connections and helping newcomers find their happy place. Happy employee = productive employee.

Is the person you want to hire in San Francisco and being wooed by companies in Chicago and Boston? The other companies don’t have Executive Arrangements to woo the recruit and their family. Is the person you want in London and being pursued by firms in New York and Miami? We welcome the challenge! (P.S. We have sister companies in Baltimore, DC/Northern VA, St. Louis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and a few other spots…so we can help you there as well!)

Our highly-customized community orientations and area acclimation experiences have an 80% success rate in closing the deal with a reluctant recruit/family member. Our transformational connections will quickly help them find their home in NE Ohio. We help relocatees to mesh into the fabric of our community to insure retention during that critical first year in town.

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EA is a proud part of The Council, a small group of independent destination service firms that are not focused on finding a newcomer a home but are more concerned with finding them a community and connections. Even our competitors (global relocation and 3rd party firms) often turn to EA to provide red carpet services for key executives as they understand our value! Want to know more? Call us at 216.231.9311.