Pick Your Own Strawberries, Blueberries, Lavender

by | May 22, 2024 | Events & Festivals, Family Friendly Stuff, Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation

New to Cleveland? Or lived here for awhile and not sure what we grow and where to find a pick your own farm? Well we’ve got some ideas for you. The region boasts a long fruitful growing season. We’ve heard from our local park ranger that the blooms this year are about 30 days ahead of usual. If you’ve got seasonal spring allergies you know this to be true!

The good news for all is that right now strawberries are being picked at local farms, several of which you can visit and gather your own. Next are blueberries (usually around July 4th but TBD, may come early), flower bouquets, and lavender.

Best to bring little ones for those low to the ground strawberries or if you are so inclined squat, skip the gym, and get your workout done outdoors. Most farms provide trays to take out to the fields and are priced per pound. If you are looking for other than to enjoy right away, freeze for your smoothies, or refrigerate for your morning yogurt topping. We suggest looking for recipes that include rhubarb, the sweet and sour combo in a cake or muffin is a local favorite.

Blueberry picking is easy-peasy! Standing tall you can usually pick at waist level for adults, a short reach for the kids, and with a gentle wrap around of your hand the ripe berries drop into your palm. Blueberries are great all by themselves, frozen for later, and in muffins, cakes and cookies. Lemon + blueberries is a great combo in recipes. For the more adventuresome, make a beautiful natural dye in a range of summery blues and purples. Drop a couple into your sparkling water or freeze in ice cube trays for a simple splash of color. For Bastille Day, if the blueberries wait until July to ripen, how about this simple edible centerpiece. A paper straw and ribbon is all you need to make the flag and add a sprig of mint.

Speaking of France, you don’t have to travel there to enjoy lavender fields they’re right here in NE Ohio. The blooms occur from¬†June through July. The beauty of lavender is that you can pop your picked bouquet in water, hang to dry it to enjoy the scent for months, or make sachets. Family photos are best in a farm field, think holiday cards, where kids are preoccupied and lighting, especially later in the afternoon, is natural and ideal.

Picking your own bouquet gives you creative license to arrange how you see fit. Many bouquets can also be dried with the simple technique of tying the stems with a rubber band and hanging upside down in a dry place. Hang in your home when the harvest season has ended as a reminder that every year flowers return and a keepsake of your picking day and who you were with. Here’s a family owned farm in Chesterland, on Cleveland’s east side. We’ve also picked at Spice Farm in the National Park equidistant to all sides of town.

Some of the places that we’ve visited for pick you own berries are listed below and with a simple search online you’ll be able to locate more spots closest to you. When possible we visit our tried and true bigger farms and also smaller independents who have road side stands many with a pay box where you deposit your cash, Also recommended is following your favorite farms on Instagram or Facebook as this is where you will get the most accurate pick your own dates and times. Many also provide a picking hotline number to check in daily on the crop.

Patterson’s, Greenfield Berry Farm, Voytko Farms, Aufdenkampe Farm, Red Wagon Farm,