Perceptions of Cleveland, Before and After

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For those of us who work night and day to help showcase the Cleveland/Akron region to the rest of the world, this might be a tough read.

But, wouldn’t you rather know what outsiders considering a move to our region think about our town when asked? We do! Every city has warts and rough edges and we are no different. And, based on on-going feedback from the candidates we work with who are being offered a job in NE Ohio that requires them to relocate, we see that decades of efforts, by so many organizations, to improve our national/global image has not moved the needle much at all.

Chagrin Falls Waterfalls

Here are recent responses to our SurveyMonkey Q3 that asks candidates:

When you heard that the job would require you to relocate to Cleveland/Akron, what were the FIRST words that popped into your head…be honest we’ve heard it all!

  • My wife is going to kill me!
  • We honestly thought Cleveland to be a run-down Midwestern city with bad weather.
  • It’s going to be cold!
  • Who moves to Cleveland? Isn’t it a dying city?
  • Weather might not be sunny, housing stock older? Is it safe?
  • Cold! Also doesn’t always get the best reputation!
  • Honestly does anyone move to Cleveland on purpose?

The good news is that after just a day or two with Executive Arrangements, here are those same candidates showing us that they did a 180 and are ready to pack up and head to CLE/AKN. Here are their responses to how they perceive our region AFTER their EA Day(s):

  • We’ve had seven corporate relocations and this experience is one we’ve never seen before (and wished we’d had!). The customized experience that the EA team delivered was so helpful for us in preparing for our move. Highly recommend that all companies pursue this for relocating new hires and employees.The day was so much more than I expected. This was such a great way for my family to be introduced to the area. The staff was great and the went out of their way to make it a great visit.
  • EA does an excellent job taking those with limited knowledge of Cleveland and really showing them not just why it is a great city but how they could establish a great life there.
  • Really helped us envision how our life could transfer to Cleveland.
  • EA showed us that Cleveland is the best life choice city whether we have children or not!
  • Truly the best experience that I have ever had getting to know any city under any circumstance, I was blown away by the team and the resources/knowledge provided.
  • For a first visit, this was much more informative than a tour with a real estate agent.
photo courtesy Geauga Park District

Think of all the great candidates who might exit the interview process because they a) don’t want to relocate 2) have never been to CLE/AKN 3) have a negative outdated impression of our region. Embedding Executive Arrangements into your organization’s talent attraction pipeline helps to mitigate all of these issues. Almost 80% of the candidates we work with say we deeply influenced their perception of our town and got them to a YES. If that sounds interesting, call us at 216.231.9311