One Tank Trip – Hocking Hills, Ohio

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Family Friendly Stuff, Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation

Last week I heard a teenager say to a friend, “Let’s do that tomorrow in IRL” I had to ask him what that meant and he said “You know, In Real Life, not texting or gaming or Facebook”. I wasn’t sure whether to be frightened that kids now have an actual term for what we all just consider living or to be happy they want to shut down their cellphones for a few minutes and communicate in person. So, when your friends or family have hit this overload point and they have to distinguish between their on-line life and their ACTUAL life, it might be time for a weekend trip that takes everyone off the grid. Luckily, there are places for this, and one of the best is just 3 hours from NE Ohio in southeastern Ohio: Hocking Hills.
When EA Guide & Project Manager, Cari Ross saw several articles mentioning this getaway,  highlighting the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, it got her attention and she did a one tank trip with her husband & kids and she shared what they enjoyed. This would be a great fall getwaway with changing leaves that are coming way too soon!). After a quick orientation and a practice zip on the ground, the family spent the next three hours swinging through the treetops, climbing elevated walkways and swing bridges 75′ in the air. Even those with a fear of heights are generally ok, as you are attached to a steel cable by a giant harness around your entire torso!
And if the ziplines alone aren’t enough of an adrenaline rush, the SuperZip takes it up a notch, but putting you in the Superman flying position and sends you zipping at 50 mph for more than ¼ mile, across the Hocking River!
If you are more of a hiker than an adventure seeker, Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park is a must see. There are also lovely campgrounds, unique accommodations,  great horseback riding, canoeing on Hocking River and Nature Trail ATV riding.
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