Ohio City’s got a new school! The Music Settlement!

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Neighborhoods & Housing, Schools & Education

The EA team at The Music Settlement’s Ohio City campus.

For this month’s EA University, our staff explored The Music Settlement’s new Ohio City campus. This new educational option in Cleveland’s Near-West Side provides music instruction, music therapy and a five-star Step Up to Quality early childhood program.

Geri Presti and Ronna Kaplan showcasing a music instruction space.

Our tour guides for the day were phenomenal! Geri Presti (President and CEO), Karen Heitlinger (Chair, Center for Early Childhood) and Ronna Kaplan (Chair, Center for Music Therapy) gave us a look at the campus and the various accessible programs offered. The 19,000 SF campus is located in the Snavely Group’s new development at Detroit and W. 25th, The Quarter. The Music Settlement owns their space within this $60 million mixed-use development that offers 194 market-rate apartments (65% occupied) and other amenities. The Music Settlement is invested in the neighborhood and plans to be an integral part of the Ohio City community.

The Music Settlement was founded by Almeda Adams in 1912 as part of the movement to welcome new immigrants to Cleveland through music, a universal language. Today, The Music Settlement’s programs are available to everyone… newborn to 100! Over 9,000 students were served last year alone. The Music Settlement is very inclusive and provides scholarships and financial aid for the early childhood program, music instruction and music therapy.

The early childhood program offers continuous enrollment for students ages three to five. The only requirement for the early childhood program is that students must be potty-trained. The new campus has six school classrooms and offers both full-time and part-time programs. A unique feature of the full-time program is that drop-off begins at 6:30 am and pick-up ends at 5:45 pm… very convenient for working parents. Spots are available. School runs Labor Day through June.

Karen Heitlinger discussing a shared early childhood educational space.

The Music Settlement’s music instruction options include both private lessons and small-group lessons. The instruction opportunities will be expanding at the new campus to meet the needs of the community. Their music therapy program began in 1966 and supports people of all ages with social and emotional needs, motor skills issues, communication and language barriers, cognitive issues and more. The Music Settlement’s music therapy program is very comprehensive with many of the program leaders serving as resources for therapists and educators throughout the country.

It is worth noting that The Music Settlement’s music therpay program has 35 community partnerships in 35 locations outside of their main campuses. Their Center Fit Music has eight partnerships. They are an essential Northeast Ohio community organization. And, Ohio City is a great place for the expansion of their offerings.

If you haven’t checked out Ohio City in a while, The Music Settlement’s new campus is in the midst of a lot of positive energy. Stop by the Foyer at Beauty Shoppe across the street from The Music Settlement for some great coffee. Just don’t expect a hair salon. Beauty Shoppe is 12,000 SF of street-level co-working offices, a coffee shop, a public event space and a pop-up retail opportunity for Cleveland-made goods. The Ohio City Galley is underway nearby. The galley is a unique concept in which chefs are given small kitchens rent free for one year through a partnership with the Galley Group. They get to develop their menus, hire staff and share in 30% of the revenue with the Galley Group. Visit BOP STOP (which is owned by The Music Settlement) to see great musical talent in a great space with awesome acoustics and a view of the lake.


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