Newcomers Clubs

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Networking & Connections

Moving into a new town with no social connections can make even the most outgoing person feel like a fish out of water. Northeast Ohio has dozens of special interest groups that can help you connect with locals who share your hobbies of photography, hiking, ethnic restaurants, etc. (more on that in a future post), but here are a few big picture groups that are a lifeline to many newcomers, connecting them to lots of other recent transplants who don’t have a friends group yet either! Below are just a few of the newcomers clubs, along with a recent photo from one of their outings/get-togethers:
New Clevelanders – open to anyone who moved east of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland in the past two years. Although membership is open to all, this club tends to be women who don’t work outside of the home and ranges from young moms with toddlers to empty nesters. Monthly get togethers for every interest including outdoor recreation, a book club, movie night, educational speakers, cards, quilting, couples night, community volunteering and more. Less than $50/yr to join, it’s a great lifeline for those who have moved to Cleveland recently and need social outlets.
The equivalent to New Clevelanders on the westside of town is New Westsiders – with same criteria, wide variety of activities& interest groups and low cost. There are get togethers at least once a month, and it’s great way to meet lots of other transplants to form your own social networks from within the interest groups
Hudson Newcomers Club – this social group has been going strong for more than 50 years and all you need to belong is a Hudson address to join! Tons of young moms connecting all the way up to those whose kids are long gone from the house.
Eastside Welcome Club – this club welcomes all whether you have lived in the eastern suburbs your entire lives or you just moved in this year, so the ratio of recent transplants to natives is a bit lower here. Ane, most members tend to be from the suburbs closer to the city (Heights, Beachwood, etc.) than those further out in the Chagrin Valley area, but all are welcome.
New Neighbors League of Canton – open to any who is new to Stark County, Ohio (Canton and the surrounding suburbs) as well as those who have lived there forever, but love to meet newcomers!
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