Meet Teri Agosta

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Newcomer Profiles

Agosta Teri photo
Teri Agosta relocated to Cleveland from Scottsdale, Arizona in January 2015 to become the new General Manager of the Hilton Cleveland Downtown – Convention Center Hotel, which will open for business in the spring of 2016, just in time to host the Republican National Convention.  The Hilton has been confirmed as the host hotel for whoever is chosen as the Republican nominee for President, which means that Teri, one of the newest people in our town, will be playing a key role in the biggest convention our city has ever landed!
Teri has also lived in the Baltimore/DC area, Detroit, Wilmington, DE and Chicago. Cleveland is lucky to have landed her – I mean really, how many people are willing to leave sunny Arizona in January during one of the coldest winters in memory? Teri is currently living in an apartment in the Warehouse District while she looks for a permanent home. She is focusing on the Cleveland neighborhoods of Ohio City and Gordon Square. Teri’s favorite spots in Cleveland include:
Constantino’s Market, 1278 W. 9th Street, Cleveland
Flaming Ice Cube, 140 Public Square, Cleveland (great vegan choices)
Pura Vida, 170 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland
Here is what Teri has to share about her recent relocation to Cleveland:  “Accepting a new job can be overwhelming. EA is like a personal assistant with the local knowledge and insights you wish you had, and there they were!  The best part of the EA experience was the local peek into various neighborhoods.  By touring with educated locals, I could really get the vibe of the area so I could see where I would feel most at home. This is my sixth hotel with Hilton Hotels WorldWide and this move was a little more challenging because I was coming from sunny Scottsdale to the iciest days on record in Cleveland, a big leap!  So to have a few personal connections, through some formal introductions via the EA team, was helpful and played a much needed role in warming up my welcome. I also found EA’s hand-marked map most useful; it succinctly identified perimeters and demographics of various neighborhoods. EA is the EHarmony for people moving to Cleveland.”

Welcome to Cleveland, Teri!