Meet the Spears

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Newcomer Profiles


New Clevelanders, Bob & Patsi Spears

Bob & Patsy Spears relocated from Omaha, Nebraska to NE Ohio in the spring of 2016 for Bob’s new job as Director of Lean at Steris Corp. Here is their transition story in Bob’s own words:
“I had spent a fair amount of time in Ohio working as a consultant. The state and the people had always impressed me so I had a comfort level based on that experience. Cleveland, on the other hand, was a city I had never visited; and based on everybody’s negative reaction, I had some concerns about the city. With its industrial past and the general “rust belt” reputation, I was expecting a rundown city and imagined something on the lines of Detroit with very bad roads and lots of empty houses.
Cleveland itself is a very impressive city with lots going on and a very nice downtown area. The industrial past is still evident but has been made a source of pride. The modern museums and hospitals blend well with the restored older buildings. There is a sense of continuing improvement as there is construction work going on all over town.
Our initial visit to Cleveland did not get off to a perfect start as it snowed quite heavily the morning of our visit (typical January). The homework the Executive Arrangements team had done was immediately evident as we hit site after site of places and things that had direct interest to us. At lunch, EA had invited another recent transfer from the UK to join us, he shared his experiences of the city and what he and his wife liked to do in the area (I am from the UK so that was very nice). As my wife is Chinese, our afternoon started at a Chinese market to ensure she had access to all her favorite foods. The EA team showed off the city and the area tailored to our interests, the balance was perfect. We had our own interests and backgrounds considered as well as the general city tour. The welcome kit that EA provided is still being used as we move from season to season.
From the first visit, we have felt very comfortable and at peace. It is hard to describe, but we have not felt any apprehension in anything we have done. Our neighbors are great and have welcomed us into the community and always wave and stop for a chat if possible. So what should every newcomer know: The people are great, friendly, helpful and welcoming.”
If your organization would find it valuable to have a new employee on-boarded into Cleveland or Akron/Canton as smoothly as the Spears have, call Executive Arrangements at 216.231.9311! We provide a holistic approach to a relocation – making sure the whole family is educated, acclimated and connected in their new town.