Meet Nkechi Okwumabua – New to CLE and Loving Her Urban Neighborhood

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Neighborhoods & Housing, Newcomer Profiles, Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation

In early 2021, Executive Arrangements introduced Nkechi Okwumabua, a new hire of Sherwin-Williams Company, to Cleveland. Relocating from Michigan while the country was still in the grips of COVID-19, she nonetheless pulled up her roots and transplanted them to begin her new job.
Q. Can you share a bit of your background and what brought you to Cleveland?
A. A recruiter reached out to me late last year to tell me about a job opportunity with Sherwin-Williams as Global Marketing Director. I was living in Plymouth, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, where I grew up and think of as home. An important consideration for me when determining where I’d live next was it’s accessibility to Detroit so I could easily return for visits with family and Cleveland fit that bill. I have also lived in Boston, New Jersey and Kentucky.

Nkechi & Lulu exploring Cleveland

Q. What other quality of life amenities were important to you when you thought about the next place you might live?
A. I wanted to be in a city where I could live in a walkable neighborhood, close to downtown, restaurants and boutique shops. I also wanted a real sense of community.  I have a dog named Lulu, so nearby walking trails, public parks and greenspace were important considerations for me as well. I also enjoy yoga and am looking forward to playing in adult league sports.
Q. You bought a condo in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood. Why this neighborhood VS any other options you considered?
A. I like the vibe of Professor Street, the main drag thru the Tremont neighborhood. It has lots of independent shops and restaurants that I can walk to. And since my new home is just a few blocks from the Camp Cleveland entrance to the TowPath Trail it made it easy to take Lulu on walks. And my commute to work is easy. Sherwin-Williams offices are on Public Square so it’s just minutes to get to work from my house.
Q. Are you excited about Sherwin-Williams plans for its new corporate headquarters? And am I the only one bummed that the architectural design is not a giant paint can? 
A. Yes, I am excited about the new corporate headquarters. It will be great to work in a modern office building in the center of downtown Cleveland. As employees, we were able to take a tour of sample floors for the new headquarters and I was very impressed with the design and am looking forward to when we finally move into the building.
Q.  Do you have a go to favorite restaurant in Tremont?
A.  Barrio Tremont  is really close to my house and I love their food, so that’s easy!
Q. It seems everyone I know is doing a project on their home so I’m guessing that massive renovations that so many of us did during the pandemic as we stared at our houses and realized they needed a lot of work was not only good for the improvement of the housing stock, but also made for good bottom line results for Cleveland’s own Sherwin-Williams?
A.  When everyone began working from home last spring, it started a lot of DIY projects including creating new spaces for home offices and home classrooms.  People were using their homes so many different ways and that resulted in lots of renovations. And, even if a full on renovation  wasn’t in the budget, a fresh coat of paint can really make a big difference in a how you feel about a space. Psychologically, color has a huge impact on your mood.  The world was in a bit of chaos for the last two years, so many people began looking for soothing, peaceful, colors. so at least their own home provided a sense of calm in the storm. Sherwin-Williams is on the forefront of color trends and design and two of the biggest colors are 2021’s Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze and 2022’s Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog.
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