Meet Newcomer Jurate Dickinson

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Newcomer Profiles, Recruitment & Relocation

We are so happy Jurate and Sam chose to move to Cleveland. Enjoy getting to know Jurate Dickinson who is an Area HR Manager, Aerospace Group for Parker Hannifin.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, where raised and schooled, states and countries you’ve lived in and traveled to for pleasure.
A: I was born in a small town in Lithuania, and my journey led me to England to pursue my education. Coventry was my home during my bachelor’s, while London became my academic hub for my master’s degree. Work opportunities took me across the UK, allowing me to immerse myself in its diverse beauty. I’ve always had a passion for travel and have explored Europe and Asia extensively, with my favorite spots being Laos and Italy. My husband Sam and I tied the knot just over a year ago in our favorite National Park – Yosemite in California. We share our home with two cats and cherish spending time outdoors, especially hiking.

Q: Where were you living prior to the move here? How did you happen to find yourself here in Cleveland? What were your first thoughts when you heard that you’d be moving to Cleveland?
A: Prior to our move to Cleveland, my husband and I lived in the Bay Area, California, just outside San Francisco… until another professional opportunity led us to move to Ohio. I spent time in Cleveland during prior business trips so I didn’t worry much about the move. Ohio always reminded me of my home country with pretty flat terrain and changing seasons. We got used to living on the doorstep of Napa Valley and enjoying views of the bay on our work commutes. So, it is safe to say that adjusting to the idea of change took time, but we approached it with an open mind and a readiness for new adventures.

Q: What was your experience like with EA, how did they help you see the region, the most important tools offered, and how’d you choose your neighborhood?
A: Our experience with EA was transformative, shaping our perspective on Cleveland and its surrounding areas. Their guidance not only familiarized us with the region but also played a pivotal role in choosing our neighborhood. From highlighting cozy coffee shops to showing us neighborhoods that were best suited for us, their expertise eased our transition and anchored us in our new community. We still refer to the guide our EA team put together with our interests and preferences in mind — it’s a helpful go-to for anything and everything you need to know when moving to the Cleveland area. I appreciated the personal interactions with our EA team; after our visit, I called them multiple times for questions, suggestions, guidance, and even to view a house we were planning to buy! Once I moved, I was fortunate to join the EA team for gatherings with other newcomers, exploring local theater, and visiting the wonderful Cleveland Museum of Art—an absolute must-see.

Q:What have you enjoyed here in Cleveland (knowing you’ve only been here for less than a year) outdoors, neighborhoods, commuting, restaurants, arts, culture, music?
A: Despite our brief time here, Cleveland has already woven itself into the fabric of our lives. Exploring its diverse neighborhoods, indulging in culinary delights, and immersing ourselves in its vibrant arts scene have been highlights. We’re about to see our fifth show, ‘Annie,’ at Playhouse Square, and we’re eagerly anticipating one of our favorite bands Lake Street Dive’s performance at the Cleveland Masonic in July. From tranquil hikes in Cuyahoga National Park to enjoying one of the best brunches at Amish country’s Boyd & Wurthmann’s Restaurant (you must check out their pie selection), every experience has enriched our journey in this city. We love exploring various towns, always seeking out new coffee shops and bookstores wherever we go (you must check out Learned Owl in Hudson, Novelty Shop Used & Rare Bookstore in Novelty, and The Thrifty Owl Bookstore in Northfield). We also appreciate our proximity to Toronto, New York, and Chicago whenever we crave the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Q: Do you have recommendations for other newcomers to the region for how to best approach a move, tips on getting out there and experiencing places and meeting people in a new town?
A: For newcomers embarking on a similar journey, I advocate for embracing the unfamiliar with curiosity and resilience. Whether it’s through local events, community groups, or simply exploring the city’s nooks and crannies, there’s endless opportunity to forge connections and create meaningful experiences. Every new place you move to can be whatever you want it to be, and having an open mind and a sense of gratitude can help make the most of any new place you find yourself in.

Cleveland is the next port of call for many professionals, their partners, and families, but they just don’t KNOW it, literally! Most haven’t had the opportunity for a guided exploration of any city they’ve moved to previously. This is where EA steps in. We can show your recruit, transferee, or new hire just how they can live in the region, continue to enjoy their interests and explore new ones. Give us a call and we will share more ways in which we for over 40 years are known to be the must-have talent attraction and retention partner in Greater Cleveland and Akron. 216.231.9311