Meet New to Cleveland Foodie Instagrammer Melissa Grannum

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Dining, Nightlife, Shopping, EA Stories, Featured Bloggers, Networking & Connections, Newcomer Profiles, Recruitment & Relocation

Q: Can you share a bit about yourself, where you’ve lived and consider home, schooled, and worked, and the moves you’ve made with your husband and children?

I am originally from Connecticut while my family is from Jamaica; I am first generation American. My husband and I have lived in Springfield, NJ, and Naperville, IL. We’ve lived as a family in Clinton, NJ, West Chester, PA, Midland, MI, St. Louis, MO and we now live in Moreland Hills, OH. Until this move to Ohio, I’d considered West Chester, PA “home,” however, Moreland Hills is quickly rivaling that consideration! I attended Boston University and upon graduation worked in Sales for a series of Fortune 500 companies including: Campbell Soup Company, Duracell and Rubbermaid.

Q: Regarding your first connection to Executive Arrangements and exploration of Cleveland, would you tell us about your experience? What brought you to CLE?

Cleveland feels so much like the east coast to me that it was easy to navigate. Technology and assistance like Executive Arrangements offers makes the transition to a new space so much easier than our previous moves! Clive’s appointment to President at Materion brought us to Cleveland.

Q: Moving is a challenge, from building a home, to trying to help your son settle in at OSU and daughter in TX during the pandemic must have added extra layers. Congratulations for making it through! 

It was certainly challenging and stressful at times! The pandemic slowed progress on the house as no more than one trade at a time could work on it. The process was managed supremely by our builder and managing team.

Our son dives for OSU. The second half of his freshman year, athletics came to a screaming halt in the middle of an NCAA competition in Kentucky because of COVID-19. Since then, the athletes have had to maintain a bubble and competitions look very different now (no spectators). As it is strongly encouraged NOT to leave school for fear of exposure, we created selfie Sunday. We at least get to see each other once a week in addition to the many phone calls we share.

The crazy weather last week had us very concerned for our daughter’s safety in Texas and we implored her to come home. Naturally, she declined and insisted she was fine— and she was.

Q:What do you enjoy most about living in Moreland Hills? How are you connecting? Moving as an empty nester, are their philanthropic opportunities you’d enjoy pursuing here in CLE?

We just moved in last week so nothing to report save for the 2 bottles of wine 2 of our neighbors gifted us in addition to Cookies by Design of Cleveland gifting us a basket for orders we sent to our new neighbors! I’d say enjoying the hospitality for sure! As I’m inundated with boxes at the moment, I haven’t had too many opportunities to connect with anyone, though my plan is to definitely join a tennis club at some point. A friend shared a volunteering opportunity that sounds intriguing and I’m excited to explore it once I’m fully unpacked.

Q: Would you share about your Instagram, how you got started, what kinds of foods, restaurants you enjoy and newfound must-return-to spots in the Greater Cleveland area?

My Instagram account @myeclecticpalate was born 2 years ago after my daughter suggested that I share pictures of recipes that I’d either made (above) or interesting dishes and cocktails I’d ordered at local restaurants. I am wildly adventurous when it comes to dining, so I’m always game for a unique experience or cuisine.My favorite dish is octopus! An octopus dish (above) I had in St Louis 2 years ago created by Chef Tello at Nixta (Bon Apetit Magazine voted #9 in 2017 best new restaurant in America). While it was simply delicious, I loved that it looked like a dragon, so it serves as my profile picture on IG! I’m a huge fan of Caribbean and Latin American food. I’m also fond of Korean and Thai food.

Cru Uncorked

My favorites in Cleveland so far have been: Cru Uncorked, Choolah, Parallax, Wild Mango, Peppermint Thai and I LOVE Goldie’s Donuts! I can’t wait to use my Cleveland Independents 2021 deck at other local eats!

Q: Favorite books or movies/documentaries/shows you are streaming? And, are we assuming too much that The Food Channel is on the list? What’s on your travel list and memorable trips from your past journeys?

Favorite books: Cookbooks! Favorite movie: Life is Beautiful. We recently binge watched Bridgerton! I loved the music, costumes and diverse cast. I can’t wait for season 2!

I LOVE The Food Channel! I miss the days when they were actually cooking shows. Good Eats was always a favorite as I like learning about techniques, but I also enjoy watching Chopped! In that series, I’m introduced to new foods, combinations that are new to me and unique presentations.

Bucket list travel: Bali, Portugal and Maldives. Favorites from past travel: Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris and São Paulo.

Q: In closing, can you share a silver lining you’ve experienced during COVID-19 either professional or personally?

The silver lining during COVID-19 for me was a greater appreciation for my blessings and family. It created an opportunity for personal wellness and enjoying the utilization of spaces I already had.