Meet EA Project Manager Kristen Joyce

by | May 20, 2019 | EA Staff News

As an Executive Arrangements Project Manager, Kristen Joyce organizes guided explorations of Northeast Ohio and serves as a regional guide for job candidates and families considering a relocation to Cleveland or Akron. Kristen has relocated several times and understands how to help people as they consider a major move. In her own words, here is a bit more about Kristen and her work at Executive Arrangements.

How long and where have you lived in Northeast Ohio?

I have lived in Northeast Ohio for a combined seven years. Twelve years ago, I lived in Bainbridge for almost two years. I moved away for seven years, and then moved back five years ago to Chagrin Falls.

Where have you lived outside of Northeast Ohio?

I grew up in Wilmington, DE, lived in Charlottesville, VA during my college years, and have also lived in Baltimore, MD, London, and Tokyo. I met my husband, a Cleveland native, in Wilmington when we both were working there. Together, we moved our family from Delaware to Cleveland, Cleveland to London, London to Tokyo, and then back to Cleveland. When we were abroad, we would always tell people that ‘all roads lead to Cleveland’ for us, and we have been living here for the past five years.

What is something memorable that has happened during a guided exploration with a job candidate and their family?

MOCA Cleveland

On one of my orientation days, we made a stop in the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland with the candidate’s wife. We were waiting on the candidate who was in a meeting at the time and took advantage of the new free entry to the museum. Lee Mingwei’s ‘You Are Not A Stranger’ was on exhibit. And, as part of the installation, you could take a flower on the condition that you give it to someone outside of the museum.

It is a beautiful exhibit focusing on connecting with others and a wonderful stop on what was a very busy week for this family. As we went back to the hotel, we unexpectedly ran into the candidate’s two-year old daughter, who was then wanting her mommy. She quickly gave her daughter the flower in her favorite color purple. The toddler was memorized by this gift. It was enough to persuade her to continue on to lunch with her grandparents, allowing us to continue on our orientation day as well. It was a very serendipitous moment, gave us a quick laugh, and allowed the art exhibit to play out as it was meant to do.

What have you learned from your role as an Executive Arrangements project manager?

Children’s Museum of Cleveland

I’ve learned about so many interesting, unique, and wonderful things to do in and around Cleveland! For mountain bike enthusiasts, there’s Ray’s Indoor Bike Park. For motorcycle enthusiasts, there’s Skidmark Garage, a 10,000 square foot community motorcycle garage. The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is a dream for young kids, and you can’t get in without one! The Cleveland Museum of Art offers open studio days for kids and teens, hanami picnics during cherry blossom season, a chalk festival on its patio in the fall, and a number of other amazing events to compliment its art exhibits. The list goes on, but I’m amazed by all of these and so many other interesting opportunities that exist.

What is something that you didn’t know about Northeast Ohio prior to your role at Executive Arrangements?

I have been surprised by the vast layers of history that exist in Cleveland, telling a fascinating story of our city. I knew the background of Cleveland’s founding and its growth as an industrial city. But there are so many details and parts to this story that I continue to learn about.

What excites you about being a part of the Executive Arrangements team?

I am excited to show others what I have seen and experienced in Cleveland. Prior to living in Cleveland, I moved several times. The most successful transitions were the ones where someone was invested in helping me and my family learn about our new city, the schools, and our neighborhood. I feel the need to pay it forward. I feel that making connections for candidates and their families, while showcasing Cleveland’s many offerings, will help them in their decision making process and their transition.

Working at Executive Arrangements is more than a job. Kristen and the rest of the Executive Arrangements team live and breathe Northeast Ohio. We believe that passion, honesty, objectivity, and optimism make us a credible source of meaningful information. With our help, more than 80% of job candidates say ‘yes’ to a job offer in Cleveland or Akron. Call us: 216.231.9311