Meet EA Alumna Jeana Saddoris!

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Newcomer Profiles

Executive Arrangements recently worked with Nestlé to help introduce and acclimate their employee, Jeana Saddoris, a paralegal who relocated from Los Angeles to Hudson, OH. As a native of California this was a big move for her, and networking was incredibly important to Jeana as she did not have friends or family in Northeast Ohio prior to her move.
EA caught up with Jeana to see how she is settling into her new home. Jeana is a very social adventurer so she had plenty of helpful tips for others who might be considering a relocation.
What did you think of Cleveland prior to your visit with EA? I had no real impression of Cleveland prior to my decision to move to here. I had visited Solon (the corporate home of Nestlé) a few times for work and training purposes. But, those trips were always airport to hotel to airport. I never had the chance to explore the region.
What do you think of Cleveland now? I’ve been able to network and make some amazing friends since I moved here. I have found so many ways to meet new people and now have a great monthly happy hour group. One thing about Ohio, each area is so community oriented, like a family. Residents are very committed to supporting their town, local businesses, schools, and neighbors. I love music and concerts so I’ve been working at Blossom Music Center on some nights and weekends to get involved in the region’s music scene. I’ve volunteered for the Taste of Hudson. I’ve been able to go to a few Indians game. There is always something fun to do if you put yourself out there.

Blossom Music Center

Can you share anything about how EA helped with your Northeast Ohio education and acclimation? The EA tour was very helpful. They showed us the full gamut of what Cleveland had to offer – theatre, restaurants, and a great mix of neighborhoods. The staff was pleasant, easy to work with, and helpful. It felt like they went out of their way to personalize the experience. The staff even connected me with a woman/mom close to me. We hit if off immediately and have become instant friends.  It is critical to have friends when you move to a new area (2,000 miles away from home).
What have you been up to since you arrived in Northeast Ohio? I’ve really been focused on getting to know my Hudson neighborhood over the last few months. I love dining at 3 Palms Pizzeria and happy hour at Rosewood Grill (I am friends with some of staff now even). The music scene has been great! I’ve enjoyed just walking my dog around the neighborhood and great local parks, which has been a great way to meet people. I just hosted a get together for my neighbors!

Taste of Hudson

Any words of wisdom for those relocating to Northeast Ohio? If relocating, utilize your company’s and EA’s services and tools! If you are working with EA, remember to use their ‘settling in’ services. You are not alone once your move into your new home, support is available. If you are relocating for a job and have co-workers in the same boat, share what you’ve learned. Sharing the experience is one way to find your way in a new home. I’m happy to share my experiences to help others. Put yourself out there!
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