Kelleys Island is Quite a Catch

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Family Friendly Stuff

Lake Erie Islands? Yes, please! Approximately 90 minutes from downtown Cleveland, we have day trip destinations or relaxing locations for staycations. The most popular destinations are South Bass Island – a tourist destination containing the village of Put-in-Bay – Middle Bass Island, and my favorite: Kelleys Island. I headed over there as a part of our Executive Arrangements 40th Anniversary tour of Cleveland.
You can easily get to Kelleys by a quick ferry ride from Marblehead or Sandusky. The ferries are equipped for cars, golf carts, bikes, or just yourself and depart to the island and back approximately every 30 minutes. If you have your own boat, you have a few options for places to dock.

Kelleys Island is the largest freshwater American Island in Lake Erie, with plenty of things to do. I love to go for just the day or get a bed & breakfast or hotel for the weekend. There is the Glacial Grooves State Memorial that takes about 30 minutes to tour, a winery, restaurants, shopping, a state park (with a beach!), fishing, hiking, or even just kicking back to watch the sunset. There are also shipwrecks for the adventurous scuba diver or – if you want to stay on top of the water – kayaking. An early morning arrival is a must if you want to grab a golf cart or bike to view the island!
Despite its close proximity to the city, it really feels like a vacation away from it all.

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