Does Cleveland Experience Natural Disasters?

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Weather

Updated Oct 5, 2015-  news coverage in the last few months has been filled with enough stories about natural disasters to scare the bejeebers out of you. But it just reminds those of us who live in Cleveland, Akron or Canton, that we rarely have to contend with anything more than a loud thunderstorm, the rare and occasional tornado or a winter snowstorm.  Here’s a list of reasons why NE Ohio is a safe place to live:

  • no hurricanes (and no floods due to to stalled hurricanes or Nor’easters)
  • no wild fires
  • no droughts (Great Lakes = 5th largest collection of fresh water on the planet!)
  • no mudslides or giant sink holes
  • very few tornadoes (and the closer you live to the urban areas, the fewer there are), they occasionally happen, but the ones big enough to cause damage or loss of life are so rare they usually are talked about for years
  • no earthquakes (except little baby ones, but we don’t sit on any major fault lines)
  • no floods (unless you intentionally buy a home along a river or in a low lying area.
  • and if we can be funny, no avalanches or volcanoes either!