How to Help an Employee with a Global Relocation

by | Feb 20, 2019 | NE Ohio in the News, Recruitment & Relocation

Global Relocation Executive Arrangements

As a destination services provider, Executive Arrangements has helped many families relocating inbound to Cleveland or Akron from another country for over 40 years.

The people that we help relocate globally have many questions about everything from how to obtain a driver’s license to how to acclimate to Northeast Ohio culture.

One of the main questions we hear from parents moving to a new country with school-aged children is…“How do we ensure that our child is placed in an appropriate grade/class, especially if the school calendars don’t sync (e.g., relocating from Australia to USA)?”

Many times, these families are here for a one to three year assignment. They want to be assured that upon returning to their home country that their kids will easily slide right back into their previous school without missing a beat. The candidates and families that we help often choose a parochial school, an independent school, or a school with an International Baccalaureate program. These types of schools tend to be smaller and more flexible. They will work with families to develop an individualized educational plan (IEP) for each child to ensure a smooth transition home.

We recently came across a helpful article on Relocate Global. It includes many ways for a company to support an employee moving abroad for an international assignment.

Relocate Global: Top 10 tips for helping an employee move abroad for an international assignment

Executive Arrangements’ staff has the experience and skills necessary to welcome and acclimate employees moving to Cleveland or Akron from abroad. Does your company need help wooing a first choice candidate or supporting a relocated employee and their family? Call us: 216.231.9311.