How to Decide Whether to Relocate for a Job

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Recruitment & Relocation

A recent article in The Harvard Business Review reinforces what many of us in the talent attraction industry know so well…

When a relocation is on the table, the actual job offer is often a small factor in the decision-making process. Whether or not to uproot a whole family and start over from scratch weighs most heavily on the job candidate’s mind. Moving to a new community where the candidate might not know anyone is daunting. These candidates are concerned with finding connections in a new city and identifying the people, places and resources that their families need.

Here at EA, we can appreciate the experts in this article who urge job candidates to “consider your family’s holistic happiness and satisfaction” when making these big decisions. Companies like EA step in to help candidates (and their significant others and children) make informed and empowered decisions regarding a move to Northeast Ohio. Through our guided explorations and area acclimation services, we help people find their happy place in our region.

The article is worth a read for anyone in talent attraction, the mobility industry or anyone considering relocation: How to Decide Whether to Relocate for a Job

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