Finding Your Favorite Vendors at the West Side Market

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Dining, Nightlife, Shopping, Featured Bloggers

The West Side Market

EA Guide Stan Brady

EA Guide Stan Brady might not be originally from Cleveland, but he has a native Clevelander’s knowledge of the West Side Market!

The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest public market. It houses around 100 vendors who offer meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, dairy, flowers, spices, nuts, and ready-to-eat foods in a beautiful neoclassical and byzantine structure on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located on the corner of West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue in the historic Ohio City neighborhood.

Stan and his family relocated to Cleveland from Atlanta a few years ago. Since then, he’s become friends with several of Cleveland’s best chefs. If you want the best food, shop where the chefs do! Stan was happy to share his list of favorite vendors at the iconic West Side Market so EA’s newcomers can learn from his years of shopping there.

For those who’ve been in Northeast Ohio for a bit, I’m sure you have seen the Catanese Classic Seafood trucks delivering to some of our best restaurants. Catanese is an en ever-expanding family-owned business. Stan has become friends with Dion Tsevdos, founder of Chef 2 Chef – a division of Catanese, who introduced him to Catanese’s food offerings at the West Side Market, which include…

The Cheese Shop
Stand # H-8 and H-9
They have more than 175 traditional and rare cheeses, plus lots of specialty items.

Classic Seafood Market
Stand # D-1 and E-1
Provider of some of the freshest seafood, salads, and sauces in the area.

Urban Herbs
Stand # E-2
Their spices are used by top chefs, caterers, and the best Cleveland restaurants.

Some additional favorites of Stan’s include…

Dionne’s Poultry & Dionne’s Meats
Poultry at Stand # B-7 and Meats at # C-7 and C-8
Stan says this is the place to go if you need some great veal for osso buco!

D.W. Whitaker Meats
Poultry at Stand # E-8, Pork at # E-9, and Deli Meats at # E-10
A great place for a large selection of cuts, purchase by the piece or the pound. Stan says that their prime rib and chicken sausage are the best in town.

Mediterranean Imported Foods
Stand # H-1
Family-owned since 1969, this shop carries over 3,000 products such as salads, cheeses, olive oil, coffee, chocolate, bakery supplies, breads, deli meats, and olives.

Ohio City Pasta
Stand # E-3
They bring fresh pasta to local restaurants and to your kitchen! They use the best spices and flours available in their fresh pastas, various ravioli flavors, butters, and sauces.

Old Country Sausage
Stand # G-8
Mark Neiden and his family have served their homemade German sausages and meats at the West Side Market for over a decade. Stan says that their German sausage and pate spread is a must-try.

Turczyk’s Meats
Stand # D-11
The best place if you are looking for the freshest organic lamb, sheep, and goat. Turczyk’s products are Amish raised here in Ohio and have been served to kings, celebrities, and chefs!

Wiencek’s Meats & Wiencek’s Poultry
Stand # G-9 and D-12
Jeremiah Wiencek has been carrying beef and poultry at the West Side Market since 1999. Their signature, homemade, ready-for-the-grill shishkabobs are perfect for weekend barbecues.  We’ve been told that Wiencek is a favorite of Chef Michael Symon. Stan recommends their beef.

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