Gliding Along Edgewater Beach

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Public Spaces, Parks & Recreation

Cari Ross, Project Manager

For our 40th anniversary, we’re reviewing 40 of our favorite places in Cleveland. One of the coolest places in Cleveland to see, especially during the summer, is Edgewater Park.
I love to show Lake Erie to candidates considering a move to Cleveland. When the breeze is just right, we get the best views: Lake Erie with paragliders soaring overhead!
Edgewater Park is for the serious gliders like Brian Fowler, who I met on the cliff while watching two of his fellow gliders. Brian was the Chief of Outdoor Education at Lake Metroparks for 37 years. He gave me a little insight into the sport.
A northeast wind 15-18 miles per hour with a little thermal mixed in provides the perfect day for paragliders to head out to the cliff at Edgewater Park. There are typically about 50 days a year that are good for gliding at Edgewater.
There is a true community of passionate gliders who travel all over the country looking for the perfect places to glide; Edgewater is considered one of the good spots. On ideal weather days, the pilots will converse through social media to share where it is best to fly, similar to how surfers seek out the best waves.
Like ski runs, areas are rated for skills needed ranging from P-1 Beginner Pilot to P-5 Master Pilot. Edgewater requires a P-3 rating to fly there. So, when you see people up in the air there, they didn’t just go try it out for the first time. This place is challenging!
Cleveland even has its own group of paragliders for those adventure seekers considering relocating to the city: Edgewater Paragliders. Check out these paragliders in action!

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