EA’s 40 Years and 40 Favorite Places! 10th Stop…Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Dining, Nightlife, Shopping, Family Friendly Stuff, NE Ohio in the News

Janice Bilchik

EA Guide Janice Bilchik

This year, Executive Arrangements celebrates its 40th Anniversary! That is 40 years of working and connecting with great Northeast Ohio companies, recruits, new hires, and families.
For our tour of favorite places in Northeast Ohio, EA Guide Janice Bilchik shared her favorite place for a summer treat, Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop. The Popcorn Shop has been providing popcorn, ice cream, and other goodies to the community for 70 years. The building, located right on the falls, was built in 1875 to be an office space and showroom for the adjoining hydro-powered flour mill. When the mill closed in 1949, Dorothy McClennan turned the space into a Popcorn Shop for the community. In 2011 the store was bought by Dewey Forward who has kept the charm of the original shop intact. Highlights from the Popcorn Shop’s long history include a visit from President George W. Bush, almost getting pushed off its foundation and into the water below by a van crashing into the storefront, and a yearly New Year’s Eve popcorn-ball drop (this year’s ball was 70 pounds!). There are certain things you never want to change about Cleveland, and we are glad in our 40 years as Executive Arrangements we have always had great local popcorn!

Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop

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