Dual Career Transferees on the Rise

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Recruitment & Relocation

We came across an important statistic in a Mobility Magazine article…

61% of U.S. couples, 69% of Canadian couples and 75% of European couples now report being dual income households. More than half of relocating employees need to consider their spouse’s career opportunities as well as their own! This means that people working in talent attraction and retention need to think about not only their job candidate’s career but also the their spouse’s. 

At Executive Arrangements, we were not surprised by this statistic. We see this every week. Our orientation and acclimation services almost always include connecting a trailing spouse to a Clevelander or Akronite who works in their field. We try to give them the scoop on their particular niche in Cleveland or Akron. These career connections are important to the emotional and financial success of the relocating couple. 

We encourage you to read this insightful article…

Challenging Status Quo Relocation: 4 Surprising Findings About Employee Relocation

Executive Arrangements’ staff has the experience and skills necessary to welcome and acclimate employees and their spouses as they move to Cleveland or Akron. Does your company need help wooing a first choice candidate or supporting a relocated employee and their family? Call us: 216.231.9311.