Connection Spotlight: Sam Hoey and the World of Relocation Management

by | May 9, 2019 | Recruitment & Relocation

Sam Hoey, Sr. VP Business Development at Global Mobility Solutions

Occasionally, Executive Arrangements is partnered with an RMC (relocation management company) to provide white glove destination services for a mutual client as they head to Northeast Ohio to start a new job. There are dozens of RMCs in the U.S.; but honestly, one of our favorite people to work with is Sam Hoey, the SVP Business Development at Global Mobility Solutions. She understands what EA brings to the table and how we augment, not overlap, her own team’s efforts to blow their client away with incredible, over-the-top service.

Global Mobility Solutions was one of the first relocation management companies to specialize in providing comprehensive relocation services for the job candidates placed by recruiters. GMS developed a unique “Pre-Decision” suite of services and built a database of online tools for relocating professionals. Each of their relocation projects is tailored to meet individual corporate goals and budgets.

Sam began working at GMS in 1996. She first worked in administration, then became a Relocation Coach and an Account Manager. Sam now serves as SVP Business Development while still managing some of GMS’ largest corporate accounts. She has a background in van line coordination, real estate support, relocation coaching, and account management.

We asked Sam for her insights as a 20+ year veteran of the corporate relocation industry with thousands of relocations behind her. Here are her thoughts…

What are some common relocation issues that you face and how do you address them?

Like EA, we are seeing dual career transferring couples more often. And, it’s so important to focus on both the job candidate and the trailing spouse. The trailing spouse must be open to moving and jump-starting their career in a new location, typically without connections. I can tell my clients with confidence that it is financially worth it to work with GMS and with Executive Arrangements in order to woo the job candidate and support the trailing spouse.

What is it like working with Executive Arrangements? What value did they bring to the project?

I think the world of EA and of Margy [EA’s President]. There is true value in their work. I can’t say enough positive things about them. I was introduced to Margy when GMS began tackling the Cleveland market back in 2010. At the time, I had heard so much about EA as a whole. We tested Margy and her team with a couple of relocations. And, now we work with them whenever we can. For every relocation management company, most revenue comes from real estate referral fees. We felt so comfortable working with Executive Arrangements because they were so forthcoming about passing information back to GMS when families were ready to work with a realtor. The transparency made each job successful.

Do you have any particular Executive Arrangements relocation stories that are memorable?

For one relocation, an executive was relocating to Cleveland in the middle of the summer. He had two preteen daughters who were very nervous about not knowing anyone in a new school district. They were moving during a vulnerable time in adolescence. The executive was so worried about his family’s happiness. Executive Arrangements literally made a bunch of phone calls to their extensive network of friends and connections in the community and set up roller skating party for the girls with students from the soon-to-be new class! It meant so much to the executive. It was a big sigh of relief moment for him and his family. The girls had friends over the summer and felt prepared to go to school in the fall.

If we could work with an EA in every city, every relocation would be so much better!

Another story that comes to mind involves an executive who was very hesitant to accept a great job and relocate her family. Our corporate client had been wooing this executive for over a year and had been unsuccessful. The executive would not consider a move due to concerns related to medical and support care necessary for her child with special needs. Executive Arrangements was brought on board to help. They tapped into their resources and lined up meetings and a tour of the Cleveland Clinic to show the executive that appropriate medical and support services were in place in Cleveland for her child. The executive accepted the job with the confidence that her child’s needs would be addressed.

Do you have any advice for companies that are hesitant to work with GMS or Executive Arrangements?

Start off on the right foot. We really encourage our clients to make a great first impression and utilize GMS’ pre-hire services. And, they should do the same with Executive Arrangements. In the grand scheme of executive relocation expenses, the expense of working with GMS or EA is minimal and the value added is tremendous. Relocation management companies should not shy away from working with boutique destination service providers like EA. Their services are a great compliment to our own.

Does your company need help securing top talent? Executive Arrangements provides custom guided explorations and area acclimation services to job candidates and their families. With our help, more than 80% of job candidates say ‘yes’ to a job offer in Cleveland or Akron. Call us: 216.231.9311