Community Engagement: The NEO and EA Staffers’ Way

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Networking & Connections

July 24, 2017: This Sunday, July 30th, the Cleveland Foundation is spearheading Common Ground, a one day county-wide community conversation event that will bring together people from diverse backgrounds over mealtime to discuss the challenges and strengths of our region and how we can keep positive momentum going. This got us thinking about all the world class amenities our town boasts including the orchestra, dozens of museums and performing arts venues, public parks, the waterfront, and the hundreds of non-profits quietly working on issues related to the environment, eradication of disease and poverty, the arts, and general humanitarian needs. Many of these institutions are now more than 100 years old (Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Play House, Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Cleveland Foundation, Western Reserve Historical Society).
The long list of non-profit organizations and volunteer groups that rally around causes is a hallmark of Northeast Ohio culture and one of its greatest strengths. All these opportunities are made possible by the energy and generosity of NE Ohio’s people.  According to Lillian Kuri, the Cleveland Foundation’s VP of Strategic Grantmaking, Arts & Urban Design Initiatives, Cleveland ranked as the sixth most generous city in the US based on rankings by Charity Navigator. The Non Profit Times newsletter gives high rankings to charities in NE Ohio as well.

EA Staffers

Embedded in the hiring process at Executive Arrangements are questions that pull out info regarding a potential employee’s involvement in our community. To put it simply, we hire people who have volunteered their time and talent or provided financial support to a cause in NE Ohio that is important to them. And, we up the ante by seeking out people who do more than just join a group. We ask that they demonstrate leadership roles in non-profit causes. It can be as grass roots as being the chair of their neighborhood’s block club or helping with a PTO fundraiser for their kid’s school. We just need to see that a potential employee is one of the doers who takes action to make our town a better place.
We recently polled our 26 staffers, and here are the organizations they are involved in either as members, donors, or volunteers. We challenge every small business in NE Ohio to ask the same of their employees (and to support their efforts with matching dollars, paid time off, etc.):
Museums, Zoos, and Garden Clubs

Arts and Music Organizations

Civic Clubs, Social Clubs, and Country Clubs

Schools and Universities

Houses of Worship and Religious Organizations

Other Involvement

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