The 31st Reason We Love Cleveland: The Cleveland Cultural Gardens

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Arts & Culture

Margie Biggar, Director of Employee Engagement

For Executive Arrangements’ 40th anniversary, we’re visiting our favorite spots in Cleveland, both long-time favorites and new discoveries. I enjoy the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and what they represent; they are a true Cleveland treasure. The Gardens are a major part of the 254-acre Rockefeller Park donated by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller in 1896 as part of Cleveland’s first centennial.
The Gardens are on both East Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. I pass by them often but only this summer took the opportunity to visit each Garden and learn about its history. That opportunity presented itself on a warm, sunny day this August. My husband Jeff and I decided to attend One World Day, a free annual event hosted by the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation. With cameras in hand, off we went.
As a little background information: The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation has hosted One World Day in the Gardens every year since 1946. There are currently 34 Gardens, each representing a different nationality with two additional Garden sites under construction. This event reflects the theme of the Gardens: “Peace Through Mutual Understanding”.
We were given a map and a “passport to peace” which resembled an actual passport. I stood eagerly in line at each Garden (with the children and some adults) waiting to have my passport stamped, collecting information and plentiful treats at each stop. Some Gardens wouldn’t stamp your passport until you had learned something to receive that stamp such as finding a certain statue or writing your name using the Glagolitic alphabet (at the Croatian Garden).
Within each garden are the artists, musicians, poets, philosophers, and scientists who are cultural icons of their countries – Chopin (Polish Garden), Dante (Italian Garden), Gandhi (Indian Garden), Tesla (Serbian Garden), and Twain (American Garden), to name a few.
The area offers opportunities to learn and explore; a place to relax and enjoy nature; take a walk; or ride a bike. Visitors are always welcome.
In addition to this being a learning experience, there were cultural performances and authentic food, which we sampled and enjoyed. I’m proud to say that we visited 15 Gardens! Everyone had a good time and seemed to believe, at least for that afternoon, that there was world peace.

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