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by | Dec 20, 2013 | NE Ohio in the News

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Those who live in Northeast Ohio are all starting feel that the tide is turning when it comes to our national image. I mean in 2016 we hosted the RNC convention, the NBA basketball championship and the World Series to rave reviews . There were gorgeous views of Cleveland and Akron from the blimp broadcast to the world. We ended a 52 year old sports drought that had even the most cynical downcast locals seeing their city in a new light. But, every day we hear from out-of-town recruits that not much has changed in the perception of our region elsewhere. Just a few weeks ago, on their EA Cleveland immersion day, a 40something couple confided that when they told close friends about a potential move to Cleveland they were met with an outpouring of negativity: Why are you moving to the Rustbelt? Isn’t that a dangerous city? Will you be safe? Do they have any culture there? Is there anything to do?

So whenever we see a national (or international story) that mitigates this outdated perception and highlights what is happening NOW in our region, we add a link to it here (and we also share any recent media on our firm as well). First, watch this March 2019 Destination Cleveland video that pumps us up every time we see it. It’s a quick watch. Then a few recent stories about our own firm! 

Learn to Focus on What You Love and Let Go of the Rest, Smart Business News, July 2019
Crain’s Cleveland Business, Margy Judd, Source Lunch article, July 2019
Executive Arrangements converts top job candidates into enthusiastic Clevelanders, The Plain Dealer, December 2018

Some of our favorite media stories on Cleveland & Akron:
10 Things you Might Not Know about Cleveland, Ohio, USA Today, December 2019
City of Cleveland’s Own History Helps to Forge a New Future, The Intelligencer, December 2019
Smooth Traveler: Cleveland Living with Legends, The Philadephia Sun, December, 2019
Cleveland Still Rocks, Austin360, November, 2019
Cleveland Rocks – And not just for the Music, Toronto Sun, August 2019
10 Best NFL Tailgating Destinations, USA Today, July 2019
Finally an MLB All Star GameThat Reminds Us of What Baseball Once Looked Like, USA Today, July 2019
A Cleveland River Once Oozed & Burned. Now It’s a Hot Spot, New York Times, June 2019
Cleveland? It’s America Down to a T! Discovering the Delights of a Sensational City and Finding the Perfect Place to Experience the REAL USA, November 2018
The Best Things to do in Cleveland, CNN Travel, 2018
The Best Reason to Visit Cleveland? To See a Dead Man, The Daily Beast, April 2019
From Participant to Permanent Resident: How a USA Triathlon event convinced two athletes to move to Cleveland, Sports Travel Magazine, April 2019
American Rivers Names Cleveland’s Cuyahoga “River of the Year,” American Rivers, April 2019
Lebron James Opened a School That Was Considered an Experiment. It’s Showing Promise, New York Times, April 2019
The Odell Beckham, Jr. Era Begins in Cleveland, Sports Illustrated, April 2019
10 Cities Where You Can Own a Home for About $1,000 a Month: Forbes, March 2019
10 Travel Resolutions to Keep this Year, Forbes Travel Guide, January 2019
2019’s 10 Best Places to Get a Fresh Start,, (Cleveland is #1!) January 2019
Up-beat and down to earth: Cleveland Ohio, EuroNews, January 2019

Media Stories from 2018

32 Best Places to Go (and Eat) in 2019, Food & Wine Magazine, December 2018 (Cleveland featured!)
Cleveland Browns fans most loyal team fans in the world (we are glutons for punishment, we know!), Fansided, December 2018
The Travel Magazine’s Travel Guide featured Cleveland in December 2018
Cleveland? It’s America down to a T!, October 2018
Forage Your Way Through Cleveland in One Perfect Day, Food & Wine Magazine, November 2018
In this Cleveland hall, classical music is king, Los Angeles Times, November 2018
How Cleveland Got Over LeBron and Became Legitimately Fun, Thrillist, October 2018
Eclectic Cleveland Itinerary Makes for a Perfect Weekend Getaway, Washington Post, September 2018
The Magnetism of My Unheralded Hometown, Cleveland, News Decoder, A trustworthy, not-for-profit news service and global forum for millennials, February, 2018
The top 10 US Cities with the Happiest Workers, CNBC, February 2018
At 100, the Cleveland Orchestra May (Quietly) Be America’s Best, New York Times, January 2018

Media Stories from 2017

Places you Need to Visit in 2018, National Geographic, November 2017
A Cleveland Arts District Hustles & Rebounds, New York Times, November 2017
PlacThese are America’s Friendliest Cities
, Travel & Liesure, October 2017
America’s Most Underrated Cities, Travel & Liesure, October 2017
There is Nothing Lucky About What the Cleveland Indians are Doing and They are Now, Business Insider, September 2017
Six Reasons Akron, Ohio Should Be On Your Radar, Vogue Magazine, August, 2017
13 Reasons We are Obsessed With Cleveland, Travolocity, July 2017
Why I Am Moving to Cleveland, Corey Snipes blogger, July, 2017
Cleveland, Once Called The Mistake on the Lake, is on the Cusp of Cool, LA Times, July 2017
Katie Couric Cleveland Rocks No Doubt About It video; June 2017
The RustBelt “Comback”: To What: Huffington Post, February, 2017

Media Stories from 2016

The Year Cleveland Got Back on the Map, Wall Street Journal, December 2016
A Year That Can Never Be Taken from Cleveland, New York Times, January 2017
A Promise is Kept, and a Legacy is Secured, New York Times, December 2016
Why Cleveland is America’s Hottest City Right Now, Forbe, October 2016
The Night Cleveland Ruled the Sports World, Forbes, October 2016
Cleveland’s Vibrant Art & Music Scene is Just a Road Trip Away, The Toronto Star, September 2016
Ask a Local: An Insider’s Guide to Cleveland
, OH,Bon Appetit Magazine, June 2016
Here’s How Much Money You Need to Make to Afford a House in 27 US Cities, House Beautiful, August, 2016
Meet the Refugee Farmers of Cleveland who are Actually Making America Great Again, July 2016
Monica Potter: Why I Love Cleveland,
Cleveland Clambake, Polish Boy: How to Make Cleveland Cuisine
, NBC’s The Today Show, July 2016
Republicans Arrive at a Different Cleveland
, Bloomberg News, July 22, 2016
Safe GOP Convention Boosts Cleveland’s Image to the World, AP, July 2016
The 10 Most Charming Villages & Small Towns in Ohio,
Travel Magazine, July 2016
We Were Promised a Riot. In Cleveland We Got a Block Party Instead
, The Wall Street Journal, July 21, 2016
Cleveland Won the Republican National Convention
, The Atlantic, July 2016
Cleveland is Back!
,  CBS This Morning, July 2016
The Hot New Park at the Center of the Republican Convention, Politico, July 2016
Forgotten City’ Basks In Spotlight, Its Revived Downtown Shows The Way For Hartford, Hartford Courant, July 2016
36 Hours In Cleveland
, The New York Times, June, 2016
Ask a Local: An Insider’s Guide to Cleveland OH
Bon Appétit, June 2016
A Revitalized Cleveland Is Ready for Its Close Up
, The New York Times, June 2016
Cleveland, A City on the Rebound
, Chicago Tribune, June 2016
Is this Heaven? No, it’s Cleveland!, The New York Times, June 2016
Influx of Younger, Wealthier Residents Transforms US Cities, The Wall Street Journal, June 2016
Top 10 Affordable Housing Markets for America’s Middle Class
Cleveland Embraces Foodie Culture, Feeds Millennial Real Estate Market,, January 2016

Media Stories from 2015

How One Couple Turned a “Toxic Corner” of Cleveland into a Development Hotbed, Vanity Fair, September 2015
Reclaiming the Public Square
 The Atlantic Magazine, July/August 2015
52 Places to Go in 2015, The New York Times, June, 2015 (spoiler alert, Cleveland, Ohio is #21!)
Great Urban Weekend Escapes: Cleveland
, Forbes, April 2015
Yes, Cleveland Really Does Rock;
The Boston Globe, March 21, 2015
Clevelanders Are (Finally) Hot on Their Hometown;
The Plain Dealer, March 15, 2015
14 Best Start Up Cities in America
Popular Mechanics, January 2015
And, here’s a cool Destination Cleveland video, which we think exemplifies Cleveland’s authentic character – a blend of blue collar, hard working grittiness mixed with east coast sophistication that makes our town unique!

Media Stories from 2014

15 Destinations for Travelers to Set Their Sights on in 2015; LA Times, December, 2014
America’s Most Underrated Cities for MillennialsCondé Nast Traveler, December, 2014
Best Places to Travel in 2015Travel & Leisure Magazine, December 2014
10 Most Affordable Housing Markets in America, The Huffington Post, November 2014
The Most Innovative Cities in America, CNN, October 2014
In Cleveland, Adding Life Where Grit Once Prevailed, The New York Times, September, 2014
In Ohio’s Cuyahoga River Valley, Biking Along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath, The Washington Post, September, 2014
The LeBron Effect: Why Narrative Matters to Regional Innovation, Forbes, August 2014
Just in Time for LeBron, Downtown Cleveland Stages a Comeback, The Wall Street Journal, August 2014
NBC’s Meet the Press Glows about Cleveland’s Comeback, July 2014
9 Reasons Why You Should Fly to Cleveland Right Now, The Huffington Post, June, 2014
The Transformers: Cleveland a City Re-Purposed, The New York Times, June 2014
EA’s Own Margy Judd in the Spotlight on the
Regional Marketing Alliance’s Website, June 2014
Shaking off the Rust: Cleveland Workforce gets Younger, SmarterForbes, June 2014
Why You Need to Care About Cleveland’s Food & Drink Scene, Thrillist, April 2014
Playhouse Square in Cleveland has World’s Largest Outdoor Chandelier, Guinness Book of World Records, May 2014
Travel Editors Find Pleasant Surprise in Cleveland, The Plain Dealer, May 2014
Developers Turn Former Office Buildings into High-End Apartments, The Wall Street Journal, May 2014
Cleveland is One of Hottest Real Estate Buyer’s Markets in US,, 2014
Cleveland’s Thriving Theater Hub Lures Residents, The New York Times, April 2014
United Airlines Hemisphere Magazine, February, 2014
Cleveland Gives Asia Its Due, The Wall Street Journal, January, 2014
The Fortune Crystal Ball: The Next Brooklyns…Fortune Magazine, January 2014

Media Stories from 2013

Le Meridian to Debut in Cleveland as Part of Downtown Revitalization, The Wall Street Journal, October 2013
Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s Video on the Renaissance Downtown, October 2013
Cleveland is Seeing A Revival, The New York Post, October 2013
The 2013 Indians are a Team worthy of a city with a big strong heart, Editorial in The Plain Dealer, September 2013
The American Grandeur of Cleveland, The Huffington Post, August 2013
If You Build It, They Will Come: How Cleveland Lured Young Professionals Downtown, The Atlantic Cities, August 2013
How One Family Made Cleveland (Yes, Cleveland) CoolNational Journal, 2013
Culture Blooms in Cleveland, The New York Times, 2013

Media Stories from 2012 and Earlier

What Public Spaces Like Cleveland’s West Side Market Mean for CitiesSmithsonian Magazine, September 2012
Cleveland Rocks: America’s Big Comeback Story, MSN Travel, 2012
Cleveland’s Signs of Renewal, Smithsonian Magazine, 2011
An Enclave of Entertainment in Cleveland, The New York Times, 2009
Cleveland Turns Uptown into New Downtown, The New York Times, 2011
In Cleveland, A Model of Economic Vitality in the Arts, The Wall Street Journal, 2011
Cleveland Rocks: Vacation to Ohio Offers Chance to Explore Diverse Food Culture in City on Cuyahoga RiverPost & Courier, Charleston, 2011

Executive Arrangements has been introducing job candidates and new hires to NE Ohio since 1979. To learn more about how we can help your organization attract and retain top talent by matching the recruit’s (and family’s) interests to the lifestyle in Cleveland, Akron or Canton, call us at 216.231.9311.