Children’s Museum Re-Opens!

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Arts & Culture, Family Friendly Stuff

Congrats to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, which reopens today November 6, 2017, after several years away from the public eye (their former home was razed to make way for One University Circle residential building).
Not only does the Beckwith-Stager Mansion breathe new life into a section of MidTown that really needs it, but the building itself looks just like an oversized dollhouse! There is 40,000 SF of space for kids to explore, including a full service cafe.
The EA staff was treated to a behind-the-scenes peak several weeks ago by Executive Director, Maria Campanelli. The ideal spot for families with kids in the birth to 8 years-old range (although older kids could enjoy it also), this is a very hands-on museum – touch almost everything! And, it provides a great, bright space to take the family on those calamity/snow days that inevitably happen each winter.
The museum is located on Euclid Avenue (entrance is from westbound Euclid only) between E. 40th &  E. 36th Streets and highlights include:
Arts & Parts – A sunny art studio so children can get creative with art supplies. They can join a community craft or do their own.
Adventure City – A city with many parts to explore including a mini market for “shopping,” an auto repair shop, and a construction site. All activities encourage imagination, problem solving, and collaboration.
Sensory Friendly Room – A small quiet, darker room where those with sensory issues can have a few minutes to regroup, climb inside a small tent, and examine stars on the ceiling.
Reading Room – With every kind of book imaginable and a cozy area to sit and read to littler kids or those who prefer a good book to wild play.
Making Miniatures – An extensive collection of dollhouses donated from the private collection of Cathy Lincoln. It also has an amazing display of dolls Cathy and her mom collected on their world travels.

The museum raised $10M to make this opening happen and turned a former Millionaire’s Row home into a public access spot. And, for that, we say bravo!
Admission is $12 (with hopes most families will see sense in the $80/year family membership), and parking is $5 (but members park for free). The museum is open six days a week (closed on Thursdays).
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