What is the best way to overcome relocation hesitations?

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Recruitment & Relocation

Are you a recruiter whose company keeps losing out on the top talent your company needs due to the recruit’s relocation hesitations? Take our advice…provide relocation support services pre- and post-relocation!
Are you a recruit or new hire uncomfortable facing the multitude of tasks and emotions associated with a relocation? Ask your employer to engage a company, like Executive Arrangements, to provide local insights, boots on the ground knowledge, and guided orientation days in the potential new city. It will help you make educated decisions.
Ted Simpson, president and CEO of MyMove.com, has some words of wisdom for those considering a relocation, “You’ve been recognized as a valuable asset to your new company or office, and employers are typically more than willing to help make your transition a smooth one. Plan ahead for your move, and utilize any relocation packages offered by your employer.”
And, he’s right! Executive Arrangements has been helping Northeast Ohio companies and organizations attract and retain top talent for decades. Most people are typically hesitant to relocate because moving is complicated. Even if the career opportunity is exciting, people are probably nervous about the nitty, gritty details involved in moving and how the move will impact their families. Change can be scary…even when it is necessary and exciting. Relocation support can help any recruit or new hire overcome relocation hesitations.
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Executive Arrangements’ staffers are true Northeast Ohio experts and love sharing their insights with your company’s recruits and new hires. Our talent attraction and retention services can help you fill important positions with the right people and ensure that they are happy with their decision to relocate to Northeast Ohio. We have an almost 90% success rate in convincing even reluctant recruits to move to Cleveland or Akron for a new job. Call us at 216.231.9311.