An EA Story: The Power of Culture and Connection

by | Mar 14, 2019 | EA Stories, Recruitment & Relocation

At Executive Arrangements, we love a challenge! When a large manufacturing company asked for our help with this project, we jumped at the opportunity!

They had an executive they were recruiting from Omaha to be their VP, Strategy & Business Development. His wife was a native of Mexico. And, they had relocated eight times prior (including Barcelona, Miami, and Boston). The couple was on the brink of being empty-nesters, with one daughter in boarding school in Boston and the other in college in Minneapolis. The wife was very involved as a volunteer in the Hispanic community and had strong ties and relationships that would be tough to replicate. And, this would be their first move without children tagging along. Retention was a concern as the new executive would be very busy with his new job. His wife would be home alone without kids to connect her to the community and no social networks of her own. “We need you to show them the Cleveland that will work for them and be a cultural fit for their family, and the two daughters will be with them. Let us know how this goes, he is our first choice candidate for this job and not excited about moving to Cleveland.”

After one phone call with the family, EA’s Agata Niemojewska understood them. They love to travel, enjoy the performing arts, and Hispanic culture is very important to them. The wife loves cooking and volunteer involvement in the community. Agata set about creating a unique Cleveland experience just for them, tapping into Executive Arrangements’s extensive personal connections and knowledge of Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Agata, along with EA co-workers, Sharon and Peg, planned two days to highlight the residential neighborhoods that matched their interests and criteria. Their guided exploration of Cleveland showed them the city’s amenities, public parks, shopping pockets, and cultural attractions like Playhouse Square and the Cleveland Botanical Garden. The Garden was a great stop for this family as the manager of the Glasshouse was so attentive and pointed out all of the beautiful plants that were indigenous to Mexico. They also took the family to the West Side Market, La Plaza Supermarket, and Sabor Miami Caf√©. This family has tried almost every type of international food, but the West Side Market was able to surprise them with a food they had never tasted…rambutan! These thoughtful stops were very special to the family and really demonstrated that Cleveland would be a great home for them!

La Plaza Supermarket

One of the highlights of days spent with EA is definitely the lunch guests that we invite to meet the candidates and families. In this project, the lunch guests were absolutely phenomenal and provided a true connection for the family. Both lunch guests were Latina and were eager to introduce the family to the vibrant Hispanic community here in Cleveland.

The first lunch guest had also relocated several times so she understood everything the wife was experiencing. She answered so many of the family’s questions and provided many helpful tips for acclimating to Cleveland. She really reduced the stress that this family was feeling about relocating to another new community.

Sabor Miami Cafe

Our second lunch guest was very involved in cooking and volunteering in the Hispanic community. She owns a business called Freshly Rooted that strives to help people live healthier lives through cooking Hispanic recipes in healthier ways. She had all of the insight and connections that this family needed! To top it off, she brought the family a dozen long-stemmed pink roses as a welcome gift. A truly thoughtful gift as roses are a significant part of Mexican culture because of their role in the story of The Virgin of Guadalupe.

This family felt empowered to relocate after spending time in Cleveland with people who understood what was important to them and were able to provide them true connection to Northeast Ohio. And, we were happy to welcome and connect this great addition to the Cleveland community!

Every year, Executive Arrangements helps 150 relocating families. We help them explore how life will look for their family in Cleveland or Akron. As a destination services provider, we help Northeast Ohio businesses attract and welcome top talent by connecting job candidates, new hires, and their families with the interests, lifestyles, and cultures that they seek in our region. Simply put, we make sure that they all feel at home!

Does your company need help attracting, welcoming, and connecting job candidates, new hires, and their families here in Northeast Ohio? Executive Arrangements understands that a genuine connection can help! With an over 80% success rate, Executive Arrangements is confident that we can help your company attract and retain top talent. Call us at 216.231.9311.