An EA Story: A fun welcome for the whole family!

by | Jan 9, 2019 | EA Stories

Every year, Executive Arrangements helps 150 relocating families as they explore how life will look for their family here in Cleveland or Akron. As a destination services firm, we help Northeast Ohio businesses attract and welcome top talent by connecting job candidates, new hires, and their families with the interests, lifestyles, and cultures that they seek in our region. Simply put, we make sure that they all feel at home!

We do this by providing custom, guided exploration opportunities. For example, Project Manager Agata Niemojewska and Regional Guide Anu Ramakrishnan recently used their creativity and profound knowledge of Northeast Ohio to create an unforgettable orientation day for a family relocating to Cleveland.

In Agata’s own words…

Atrium at the Cleveland Museum of Art

“The husband had already accepted the job, but his wife was unsure of what Cleveland had to offer their family. They have two wonderful children. One younger five year-old girl. And, an older 12 year-old girl. The challenge was to make something interesting for both kids while also answering the questions of the parents.

When I drive around, I typically highlight the sites. But, I thought these children needed something special. We wanted to give them a day that would be more permanent in their minds and provide a souvenir from their trip to Cleveland. Once we had the itinerary developed, I knew exactly what to do. We created a scavenger hunt for the girls that included memorable spots along our tour route. We told the girls to keep their eyes peeled for the landmarks pictured on their scavenger hunt guide. We saw the Cleveland Museum of Art, the famous Steggie at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Terminal Tower, the Playhouse Square chandelier…a total of 12 sites for them to find and mark along our way!

Steggie at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Arts and culture are extremely important to the parents so the scavenger hunt provided a great opportunity to talk about how Cleveland is well-positioned to be culturally successful due to the great interest shown by our population and the strong endowments that support our institutions.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, we made some special pit stops. We showed the family various neighborhoods that matched their lifestyle. We stopped by the Cleveland Botanical Garden so that the they could enjoy the GLOW event. We explored the RainForest at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and rode the carousel at the Cleveland History Center. We took great family photos at every stop.

Euclid Beach Carousel at the Cleveland History Center

Needless to say, the whole family felt connected to the city after our day together. They felt reassured that this move was the right decision for their family. Our day together confirmed that they could find connections here and make this community home. The family is settling in Solon and is excited to show off their soon-to-be hometown to their friends and family.

It was a fun community orientation. And, we were happy to welcome and connect this great addition to the Cleveland community!”

Does your company need help attracting, welcoming, and connecting job candidates, new hires, and their families here in Northeast Ohio? With an over 80% success rate, Executive Arrangements is confident that we can help your company attract and retain top talent. Call us at 216.231.9311.