Saying Thank You 24 Years Later

by | Nov 5, 2020 | EA Stories

I recently received the most amazing thank you email which vividly reminded me it’s NEVER to late to say thank you and the smallest things you do can mean a lot to someone else. I met Andrea when Executive Arrangements was retained to help woo her from Chicago for a job in Cleveland. We were close in age, both single professional women and she was fun and an instant friend. The gist of it was……
I had the nicest memory of you from 1996 yesterday and thought I’d tell you about it. (My company) had recruited me to Cleveland, I was very hesitant and (my boss) hired Executive Arrangements to show me around town – which equaled you. There was a huge snowstorm and we were supposed to go to the West Side Market and something else on the west side, I was staying in a depressing apartment with a flooded basement on Warrensville Center Road and I was supposed to meet you to start my EA orientation day in Cleveland (which would have been like 100% more convenient for you), but I was so stressed out. I don’t know if you heard it in my voice or what but you offered to come over from your home on the westside to pick me up in Shaker Heights.
So I had the chance to repay that act of kindness yesterday and while listening to the near tears stress of a divorced woman who had recently lost a son and was overwhelmed that a real estate closing was being pushed back due to the pandemic, for some reason this memory came back to me and I said to her, “I’ll just come get you (in Westlake from my home in the Chagrin Valley) and I’ll drive you to your closing on the east side, and then back home.” 
It took me only 24 yrs to reach back and say Thanks! for that morning, and, Thanks! I’m in awe that something someone did so long ago motivated me to do the same – brains are funny like that. Have a great day! Andrea
All these years later, Andrea Hauserman is a realtor and an amazing person if you need to buy or sell a home :). But more importantly, is there anyone you should send a thank you note to today?