Chamber of Commerce Shares Growth Plans for Cleveland

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Cost of Living & Economy, Development News, Neighborhoods & Housing

Wednesday, June 8, 2017: Last night was the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s annual meeting; and despite a finals game in three hours that included our Cleveland Cavaliers, almost 1,000 people filled the Hilton Hotel ballroom to learn, network, and support our Chamber of Commerce. The meeting started with this video looking ahead at what’s next for Cleveland. Both Joe Roman (GCP’s president) and Rick Chiricosta (GCP’s board of directors president and CEO of Medical Mutual of Ohio) shared the four focus areas of our Chamber of Commerce…

  1. Create places with impact – insure that Cleveland is where people want to be by leveraging our assets (lakefront, solid and welcoming downtown, neighborhood growth, and opportunity amenities to support and drive population growth)
  2. Talent that fuels growth – education attainment and affordability, skills recognition and development, and ability to accelerate workplace talent so companies in NE Ohio can find, attract, and retain talent so they can grow
  3. Driving business connectivity – businss mobility, worker mobility (public transportation, alternative models), digital connectivity, and facilitation of member relationships so that people who need to know each other can get together to solve problems and grow our city
  4. Create an environment that supports a robust economy and supports the needs of growing businesses from start ups to centurians

“Workforce is the single biggest issues companies are dealing with.” We can’t agree more! We can’t wait to get more involved to help solve these problems. EA has almost 40 years of expertise in workforce attrraction – wooing job candidates to NE Ohio and helping newcomers establish strong roots. We insure our corporate clients can attract and retain the talent they need to grow.

Susan Goldberg knows her audience – LeBron loving Clevelanders with a finals game on theirr mind as they listened to her speech.

The keynote speaker, Susan Goldberg, former editor of The Plain Dealer and now Editor of National Geographic, shared her story. NG is the #1 brand in social media (probably becasue it’s not political and who doesn’t love a beautiful photo and an in depth story on our planet?). They have 100M followers on SnapChat and 170M followers on FB – geesh, that makes you think! She looked for stories on Cleveland in their 129 year history and found only ONE (guess…yes, it was the river on fire), and she is now determined to bring photographers and writers back to CLE to do another story. She shared good advice on how to make your content online matter, regardless of your business. NG’s focus is…

  1. Make a difference – move the needle and give audience to an important issue (Syrian refugees, Ebola epidemic)
  2. Do what other’s can’t – one photographer is obsessed with documenting every species of animal before they become extinct (known as Photo Arc); half of these species will be extinct by 2020 (More than 100 species of birds, plants, and animals go extinct every day – Is that crazy? Is that really the number?).
  3. Be part of the conversation – or better yet, start a conversation. NG recently had 80 kids on every continent share their gender identity story, including some as young as elementary school. And while 7,000 people cancelled their subscriptions rather than read about transgender issues, NG looked at it through the lens of science, history, culture, and photography to illuminate something that is really happening.
  4. Act urgently – when President Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, they pulled together every photo they had that showed climate change is real and happening. It’s a scientific fact.
  5. Know who you are – be authentic, and understand why people come to you in the first place – “We believe in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling.”

EA’s staff members are intent on learning everything they can about the people, places, and resources that could be helpful to our clients, those recruiting out of town candidates and the recruit/family themselves. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you attract and retain top talent by carefully matching their interests and lifestyles to all that NE Ohio has to offer, call us: 216.231.9311.