Trudy Maposa

I live in Aurora with my husband and three teenage children. We moved to Cleveland from San Antonio Texas in 2018 and it was an especially difficult move for the kids and me. We used Executive Arrangements twice before I finally agreed to move to Cleveland for my husband’s job. I was against the move because I imagined it to be a cold and snowy place with nothing fun to do. I was very wrong in my perception, and I can confidently say my time in Cleveland and with Executive Arrangements has changed my perspective on Cleveland immensely. I can see my husband and I settling here long term, something I never thought I would consider.

My husband and I were born in Zimbabwe and we both moved to the United States to attend college and in the twenty plus years we’ve been here, we have lived in Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, Mauritius, San Antonio and now Aurora. Having made these multiple moves, I understand how difficult relocating can be and I love that I get to be one of the first people to welcome newcomers to Cleveland.

I love cooking and trying cuisines from all over the world, one of my favorite places to shop for fresh ingredients in Cleveland is the West Side Market. My other newfound hobby has been to try out restaurants all over Cleveland and it has been a fun and tasty experience. I love to travel and to network with women from all over the world. I love listening and learning from people from all walks of life because I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell. It’s a great honor for me to help you navigate and get to love Cleveland like I do!